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  1. Russell96

    Does anyone know where Bilmo is?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place. Not sure where to post it. I'm trying to get hold of Bilmo as I would like a canvas tarp. I've sent a PM and found his website and sent an email but nothing back yet. Is he okay and does anyone have comms with him? Hope someone can help. All the best. Russ
  2. Russell96

    Vihe Vaellus Laavu Mini Shelter experiences

    Hi All I've always liked the idea of a baker tent but they look too heavy. I wondered if anyone had any experience of these: It seems pretty pricey and I'm not sure if I want one; especially for that money. One...
  3. Russell96

    Ray Mears and Lars Falt book

    Hi All I was on Amazon yesterday and spotted this! I was actually searching for books on exploring the boreal forest so I was seriously exited when I spotted this. Looks...