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  1. Russell96

    Trip Report 2 nights out

    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Russ
  2. Russell96

    Sold Bulldog Elite Evolved SAS Smock MTC Multicam - Medium

    Is this still available? Pm inbound.
  3. Russell96

    Farm on the hill overnight camp

    Fantastic. Looks a lovely little trip and the farm looks lovely. Thanks for sharing. Russ
  4. Russell96

    Sold Massive Portage Pack

    Yes please. Pm inbound. Russ
  5. Russell96

    What do you want to Buy?

    Same as Jon Fenn said. I want my own woodland; have done for years. Hope this doesn’t come over wrong but I’m hoping the situation throws up some woodland for a decent price in my area.
  6. Russell96

    Sold Bushnell legend ultra hd monocular

    Yes please. PM inbound. Russ
  7. Russell96

    Sold SOLD Carinthia Mig G-Loft Thermal Trousers

    I’ll take them. Silly not to have the matching set!! I’ll PM. Russ
  8. Russell96

    SOLD PENDING FUNDS Carinthia and Bergans Of Norway

    Hi there. Can I take the Carinthia jacket please? PM inbound. Russ
  9. Russell96

    Sold Clearout 3 Canoe Pack

    If this is still available I’ll take it please. Pm inbound. Russ
  10. Russell96

    A Challenge A bit of backyard bushcraft....

    The bread looks brilliant! Loved your trip in the garden!
  11. Russell96

    For Sale Some Knives

    Can I take the Chris Caine folder please?
  12. Russell96

    Sold Tentipi Safir 9CP

    In fact I’ll take it! Just need to work out getting it to me. All the best. Russ
  13. Russell96

    Sold Tentipi Safir 9CP

    Would you consider posting? If I covered the cost of something like Hermes?
  14. Russell96

    For Sale Silicon oven mats.

    My mat just arrived! They look great. Thanks for the awesome service. All the best. Russ
  15. Russell96

    For Sale Silicon oven mats.

    I’ll take one please. Russ
  16. Russell96

    Trip Report Surely Sorley should go sometime.

    Great trip and a great write! Really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing. Russ
  17. Russell96

    Exploring Scotlands North West Highlands

    Looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing. Russ
  18. Russell96

    Sold Ventile smock - sewing work needed

    The funny thing is for me this is pure psychology. If I own something that’s too nice I don’t use it! So by getting something that’s a bit beaten up I will use it. Anyway that’s my skewed logic!
  19. Russell96

    Sold Ventile smock - sewing work needed

    I’ll take it please. Pm inbound. Russ