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  1. Ranger Bob

    Price of a froe?

    Roy Arnold's shop has now moved a couple of villages down the road. I live about a 200 yards from Tony Murland's shop and have to pass it every day..........its always a struggle to pass by without popping in....... you know, just to have a look.;)
  2. Ranger Bob

    Where you came from, where you are?

    I was born in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, I still live in Suffolk, quite boring really. What makes it remotely interesting is that I can trace both sides of my family to within 20 miles of Bury St Edmunds, stretching back over the best part of 800 years. (I think that would qualify me as "local")
  3. Ranger Bob

    how to split a tree trunk?

    Look here....
  4. Ranger Bob

    Multimap Aerial Photos

    One i've been using for a while is , you have to zoom through a few levels before you get to the aerial shots, but it is generally of a high resolution (even in Scotland).
  5. Ranger Bob

    Red Squirrel Encounter - How Rare?

    In Thetford forest, out of my back window, about half an hour ago was the last time I saw one. I usually see at least one, once a week.:)
  6. Ranger Bob

    What are you using as a Tinder box?

    Am I the only one that uses a birch bark container? :confused: :)
  7. Ranger Bob


    You may well find that the tree will fully recover...... most British trees are not easily destroyed by fire. Here's hoping anyway! Good on you for going and clearing up!
  8. Ranger Bob

    Apple Macs! anyone got one???

    I've had a macbook for about 3 months.... and I'm delighted with it!!!! Now I control the computer rather than the other way round.... everything just works! Have you seen the tv ads on apple's website? Brilliant!
  9. Ranger Bob

    Mors Konchanski DVD'S and booklets

    Hi Stuart, How relavent are the plant DVD's to Britain and europe?
  10. Ranger Bob

    logs to burn

    Hi Jason, There's a slight variation on one here: There is another completly different poem/rhyme, but i'm struggling to find/remember it.....I'll keep lookin'.
  11. Ranger Bob

    logs to burn

    I've got these two, but there's many more versions. Logs to Burn Logs to Burn cho: Logs to burn, logs to burn, Logs to save the coal a turn, Here's a word to make you wise, When you hear the woodsman cry. Beechwood fires burn bright and clear, Hornbeam blazes too, If...
  12. Ranger Bob

    Birch bark basket

    The cooler the local conditions, the thicker the bark will be.
  13. Ranger Bob

    Fomes ??

    Doh! Teaches me for just glancing at the photos, if it were fomes the flesh would be much thicker! :banghead: Apologies Loz! I'll get me coat. :buttkick:
  14. Ranger Bob

    "The Good Life Gets Better: Panning for Gold"

    Thanks for the heads up, I didn't know there was second book.
  15. Ranger Bob

    Fomes ??

    Interesting...The first one I found about a decade ago was on the inside of beech that had rotted away. I mostly find them on birch with a few on beech. Don't know about the shape......I find alot with much flatter shapes in various positions, mostly on the north side of the tree which are...
  16. Ranger Bob

    Fomes ??

    Yes. The white underside should turn a kind of purple colour when touched. What tree did you find it on?
  17. Ranger Bob

    folding shovel

    And I second that. Very tough.
  18. Ranger Bob

    any harm done

    Removing the outer bark of the birch does not harm it directly and tree will carry on living as long as the corky inner bark is left intact. Removing the outer bark does leave the tree more open to fungal infection though. Theres been alot of discussion on removing birch bark before, do a search...
  19. Ranger Bob

    NON BUSHCRAFT- Internet explorer 7 users note

    Many Thanks Arkangel.
  20. Ranger Bob

    Anone else glad Autumn and Winter are just around the corner?

    Roll on winter........and make it a cold one! Welcome to the forum Silverback.