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  1. cariboo

    Henry David Thoreau and George Sears, Nessmuk

    Two who have had an impact on our lives here. The potato patch. It wasn't until Aki and I moved into the bush in '97, started to make hunting and survival knives that we learned of George Sears (pen name Nessmuk), his methods, bushcraft skills and the famed design, the "Nessmuk" knife. "Go...
  2. cariboo

    Survival... Indian time

    Awhile ago, sitting in my truck on a cold winter evening listening to a radio program on CFNR called "Journeys", an indigenous-run show out of Terrace B.C., the guest talked about "Indian time". What Indian time was. When salmon are running it is time to fish. If you don't you'll starve over the...
  3. cariboo

    Ready for Winter

    My son and I brought in our last load of firewood. Some nice standing dead pine that had pine affected by some mistletoe and killed by the beetle. Dripping with pitch the wood will make for quick and hot sauna's and easy hot fires in the cook stove. A finishing touch on the wood pile.The root...
  4. cariboo

    Rain, Mushrooms and Rain

    We took our 4 wheel drive off the road for the summer. Insured our car, It has rained for a month. We haven't been able to get out of the bush for 2 weeks. We're picking a winter supply of mushrooms. A year's supply. We eating a lot of mushrooms.
  5. cariboo

    Homestead solar power

    The system we have now cost around 6 thousand Canadian 20 years ago. Today I could buy the same power output for 2. Saved 14,000 in fuel cost and that much worth of exhaust. Electricity was cheap but we had a purpose. |Still have it. I'll drop into Canadian Tire once in awhile and buy the panels...
  6. cariboo

    Forest Fires now

    We've lived in the bush in central BC for 21 years, have been through forest fire season's before but not like this one... We've been under an evacuation order for almost 2 months. Our place is a cabin with a few solar panels and of course a shop that runs on solar power. We didn't leave...
  7. cariboo

    Living in the Bush

    I watched a tiny spider Scurry across our rural road Leaving no visible tracks On the freshly fallen snow It stopped at the edge of a sudden crevass Left just moments before by our dog Walking beside me The spider hesitated Then dropped into the abyss Scrambled about the toe holes...
  8. cariboo

    British Petroleum and the Sun

    We're helping some people next week set up their solar array on Mackin Creek Farms, an organic vegetable farm. They have 4 acres of garden. They want to power their 240 volt (60hz) walk-in fridge, lights around their barns, washing areas and have the option of easily being able to add on to...
  9. cariboo

    Tree Huggers on Easter Island

    Just sitting around in the bush watching it dissappear. It is dissappearing. Scott http://
  10. cariboo

    Make your own carving knives

    I had an article published in Feb - March issue on how to make your own crooked knives in Canadian Woodworking Magazine. You may get a copy here, It is a good step by step guide for anybody to make their own knives if your interested. Scott
  11. cariboo

    Crooked knives and an ulu.

    Here are a few of the hook knives and an ulu we just shipped yesterday. Each knife and shape is custom. This set of hooks for mask carvings. L6 and 15n20. Apple, plum birch and oak wood. The larger hooks are A2 and L6 with apple and yew handles. An ulu. L6 and moose antler...
  12. cariboo

    Bushcraft and Survival Gardens

    We're writing a 3 part account of our experience living in the bush for the last 12 years. Here is the intro at
  13. cariboo

    Solar Power Your Shop

    Aki and I have run our shop and cabin on solar power for 11 years. We are 100% solar powered from the end of March until the end of September. We work full time making knives and large timber tools. On this thread...
  14. cariboo

    Meanings of Woods

    I found this link. Meanings and essences of different woods. These people make beautiful wood rings. Scott Some new knives and tools
  15. cariboo

    Bio fuel ?

    They are talking "bio-fuel" now, with the "bio" making it sound friendlier somehow. The pine beetle killed off the Pine forests in British Columbia, we suppose because of the warm winters, now we want to cut them all down for bio fuel and plant "marketable stock". They are saying, the money...
  16. cariboo

    How to sharpen a crooked knife.

    Sharpening a hook knife is relatively easy. This method works. It was taught to me by an master who learned how in prison. You know 60 % of the prison population in Canada is aboriginal. They make up 3 % of Canada's population of 35 million.... A lot of native carver's in prison. How to...
  17. cariboo

    Lifeboat Time

    This is an view of what is happening. A good read. Sustainabilty and self sufficiency. Scott
  18. cariboo

    Nessmuk / Mountain Man knife review

    The ideal bushcraft knife?
  19. cariboo

    What is "Bushcraft"?

    I'm a bit confused after reading posts for the last month. From beautifully crafted fish traps, handcarved spoons, handmade, on the spot, camp furniture and hand forged knives to stainless steel factory made knives and high tech useless camping gear. Shooting bears in the back of the head with...
  20. cariboo

    Moose not mice

    This cow and calf are out our kitchen window. There are a lot of moose here now. The more forest they cut the more abundant the moose. British Columbia's forests are being devastated now from a pine beatle infestation. Cold winters kept them in check. We haven't had a cold winter in 15...