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  1. wolf

    Grimbo;s wolf nessmuk,by chris grant.
  2. wolf

    my wolf nessmuk teaser.
  3. wolf

    egmont shirt

    hi all,who has heard of the woolen egmont shirt? i have just got hold of one,but cant find any info on them, are they linked to swandri?are they still being made?and who can rate it?thanks...
  4. wolf


    if you had to hide in the uk scotland wilderness long term living off the land where would you go?thanks..
  5. wolf

    woodland springs

    Are woodland springs a reliable source of water,ie can the water be used after necessary treatment?
  6. wolf

    bsa airsporter air rifle

    Hi all,does anyone know how to maintain the bsa airsporter air rifle,i mean oiling /cleaning etc? thanks.
  7. wolf

    sea tide time tables

    im looking for a site that provides sea tide time tables for the whole of the sth coast ie worthing eastbourne hastings,any help? thanks.
  8. wolf

    english tea cup kuksa

    Heres my new cup,made from english silver birch burl.
  9. wolf

    Birch burl

    How long does it take for a birch burl to develop into a cup sized burl,i was just wondering how old the burl i used might be?thanks.
  10. wolf

    birch burl

    hi all,should i shape a birch burl first into a cup,ie handle and size or should i hollow it out first?what works best?thanks.
  11. wolf

    backing a self bow

    would wood glue alone make a good backing for a self bow?
  12. wolf

    antler whistle

    can anyone please provide me a link to a good site that shows how to make a whistle out of a deer antler.....thanks....
  13. wolf


    Can any one help?im interested in making or should say finding a shalalee in the bush?i think ive spelt it correct,its the irish cudgel.Has anyone made one?whats the best wood to use,or do you use a tree root?thanks...
  14. wolf

    Birch sap tap.

    I saw a certain gentleman make one of these so id thought id give it a go... just waiting for the sap to flow now.. :) drill a hole into the birch tree tap the pointed end in then hang your container over the notches ,the sap runs down the channel into the container.I will post it in...
  15. wolf

    wellies or not?

    How many of you are quite comfortable roaming the countryside in winter in wellies and not hiking boots?
  16. wolf

    yew bow making?

    Help please, Im trying to gather info on making a yew long bow,but the more info i gather the more im meeting contridictions.The one thing i need to know is.........where does the sap wood face,ie the front of the bow the side facing you,or the back of the bow the side facing away from you?Ive...
  17. wolf

    kozi tech sleeping bag

    im looking for reviews or specifications for a kozi tech 350,3 season sleeping bag...cheers,
  18. wolf

    Been out again...

    Another day out,had time to improve a shelter ive been working on,and to get some tucker in.. :) [/URL][/IMG]
  19. wolf

    red kite

    saw a Red Kite today,my location is just outside croydon,surrey....
  20. wolf

    id help

    is this green hellebore,they are shooting up all over my local woods...>? [I[/