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  1. Originaltrav

    Riverbank or lakeside spot

    Hi all Does anyone know of a riverbank or lakeside in the northwest that I can go and hammock camp with my son , he wants to try catch a fish and have it for his tea. Maybe a campsite? Or a place with permission . Any ideas Thanks
  2. Originaltrav

    Which one ?

    Hi all Time to upgrade the hammock but which one , I can't afford a Hennesey so I won't even bring that into question . It's either. DD FRONTLINE OR TW GREEN HORNET Cheers guys
  3. Originaltrav

    Good Friday night out

    [/URL][/IMG]Hi all A few pics of me and my boys (6+ 18 ) hanging on Good Friday. I was testing 2 DIY under blankets , 1 from a US army poncho liner for the youngest ( no sew job off HF ) And a Snugpak Harrier modded sleeping bag bought on here but with a few tweaks of my own . This is the...
  4. Originaltrav

    Prices of knives

  5. Originaltrav

    Prices of knives

    I know that a hand made knife takes a lot of time and skill to craft , but are they really worth the serious wonga . Won't a well looked after Mora for £25 be a more sound investment or am I missing the point totally Maybe I'm just jealous cos I can't afford one , what are your opinions on...
  6. Originaltrav

    Waterproofing windproof army smock

    Hi all What's the best stuff to waterproof an army issue windproof smock. Cheers
  7. Originaltrav

    Kids down bag

    Hi all Looking for a down bag for my 6 yr old , alpkid do one (alpkid250) any one had one? Do any others make them ? Have I found a gap in the market that needs filling our kids need good stuff too !, Cheers
  8. Originaltrav

    Aluminium SCREWGATE karabiners

    Hi all I have in my possession a number (16 left) of new aluminium SCREWGATE karabiners. These retail at about £7.00 each If anyone wants to do a swap /trade What have you got ? Cheers[/URL][/IMG]
  9. Originaltrav

    Wood with full permission

    Hi all The owner of a wood in the Peak has given me full permission to use it for hammocking / camping and allowing a small fire . I won't say where just yet as I want to build up a good rapore with him and also gain his trust. A couple pics below , will be hanging there on the 23rd and...
  10. Originaltrav

    Marles Wood

    Hi all Anyone done a hang in Marles Wood on the River Ribble , looks like it could have promise for a stealth visit soon . Cheers
  11. Originaltrav

    Fourth time hang already this year

    Taking the boy (6) out again tomorrow for another stealth hang nr Oldham (Park Bridge) Think a couple of my mates are joining us Will post some pics of our gear , I'm trying some new bits TTFN
  12. Originaltrav

    Quick release buckles

    Got 3 pairs of these buckles if anyone can use them . Swap for anything really but would like a bishop bag or skin to fit a 4x4 tarp [/IMG]
  13. Originaltrav

    Fox Brush

    Hi everyone My lad wants a foxes tail to put on his pack/ hat. If I find a decent one on a road kill how do I go about cleaning / preserving it etc as I have no idea. Thanks in advance.
  14. Originaltrav

    Starting young

    My son Kane 6 on his first hammock hang ...he loves it [/IMG]
  15. Originaltrav

    Stretch side hammock mod

    Hi everyone I have just completed a mod to my TW hammocks as seen on Hammock Forum The stretch sides using shock cord I'm out hanging on 23rd so will let you know the results Has anyone else done this mod ? How was it ? Cheers
  16. Originaltrav

    Stealth hang

    Hi everyone Been perusing google earth looking for potential sites to go with my kids and do some stealth hanging . Anyone been on Formby beach Lancs Or up round Arnside near Silverdale Lancs Both look ok on google but are they? Cheers
  17. Originaltrav

    Night out

    Out for a stealth hang on the Oldham /Ashton border tonight ,was gonna be me and my two boys 6+17 But two of my mates have been and bought gear and are having their first hang. I'll let you know how we get on
  18. Originaltrav


    Hi guys Which , in your wise opinions is the best army surplus windproof smock for about £30 Cheers
  19. Originaltrav


  20. Originaltrav


    Can I post photos from my iPad ? Straight to forums or do I have to use a pc/laptop Ta