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  1. Qwerty

    Day Out Sun's out, fun's out.

    A trip out to test my new DD multicam tarp, as sourced via the excellent BCUK group buy. This is a little hill just inside the Dublin county border that is used by dog walkers and mountain bikers in the main, but still possible to find some quiet corners off the beaten track. The March...
  2. Qwerty

    DIY logo design

    I am toying with the idea of having a go at putting together a social media channel (mostly Instagram) for my bushcrafting activities and wondered if anyone could recommend a simple and user friendly (i.e. noob) graphics website that I could use to design a simple logo? I have a rough idea in...
  3. Qwerty

    Dyneema tarp ridgeline

    Anyone using dyneema instead of parachord for a ridgeline? Wondering what diameter line you use? Prussick knots with same diameter line too?
  4. Qwerty

    How far would you go to survive in the woods?

    So a woman in NZ was taking part in a 20km race, took a wrong turn and ended up lost in the woods. She dug a hole in the forest floor and covered herself in dirt to keep warm overnight. All very sensible and practical considering her situation. But here comes the unconventional survival tip...
  5. Qwerty

    Nocturnal wanderings of badgers

    An interesting piece about a study conducted in Ireland on the movements of badgers. They found how the badgers preferred to keep clear of cattle and could travel up to 9km in one night.
  6. Qwerty

    Tears in BA bivi bag, repair?

    I picked up a BA bivi bag recently and missed a couple of tiny (5cm) tears near the base of the bag. Can anyone give me any tips for repairing the rips and what to use? Much obliged!
  7. Qwerty

    Lars Monsen, high latitude wilderness adventurer

    I first came across Lars Monsen when he did a trip across Canada. QIQEq_SYGQw A small taster of his adventure. The full series is online. He also spent a year in the northern wilderness of Scandinavia...
  8. Qwerty

    When Mr Wolf meets Mr Bear...

    A great set of pictures taken on the Russian/Finish border
  9. Qwerty

    Sawyer MINI Water Filter bladder

    So after nabbing a great bargain (as mentioned on here), this weekend was my first chance to try it out properly. It's not exactly rocket science and the filter itself works just fine. My problem was trying to get water into the bladder. No matter how many times I dunked it into the river, or...
  10. Qwerty


  11. Qwerty

    Cool modern/traditional cabin

    I came across this article on a Norwegian website about a little cabin built for four people and only 11.5sqm or 125sqft in size. A little bit of paradise IMHO.
  12. Qwerty

    DD hammock and tarp replacement/alternative stuff sacks?

    Despite not getting a whole lot of use to date, the stuff sacks for the DD 3x3 tarp and hammock are starting to come apart. I could re-stitch them, but they have always seemed quite lightweight and not overly tough. Has anyone swapped them out for something a bit more robust?
  13. Qwerty

    A day in the Dublin hills

    My first time away in the hills by myself this year. I had decided to leave early and in order to try out a new bag (nothing fancy, a cheap outlet purchase) I loaded it up with bits and bobs. Dublin is fortunate to have a long mountain range on its southern broader with County Wicklow and most...
  14. Qwerty

    From the Bush to the Bungalow (1920)

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but well worth a watch. four short films in total
  15. Qwerty

    A keyring lighter?

    I was recently the butt of some McGyver jokes for not having the means to spark up a couple of candles at a friends dinner party. I usually seem to have the means to all problems, but it did get me thinking about a lighter that I could attach to my keys. I know they exist and certainly look...
  16. Qwerty

    You're nothing but a bunch of cannibals!! How many modern day Americans are descended from these settlers? Maybe that branch of the family will be quietly lopped off?!
  17. Qwerty

    Ski Jumping on Hampstead Heath, 1950

    Maybe some more snow could be imported for Bushmoot?!
  18. Qwerty

    Remarkable story about the light fingered hermit

    A guy in Maine, NE USA, walked into the woods one day for no apparent reason and remained undetected for 27 years. In all that time he only spoke briefly with one hiker he met on a trail. That was until the police caught up with him. He had survived for almost three decades by stealing...
  19. Qwerty

    le loup (and the loopy French) Will it work? Doubt it.