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  1. jasons

    Moving to Tain, near inverness

    Any one up there ?
  2. jasons

    What happened to Dommyracer

    :confused:Is he still alive:(
  3. jasons

    Free Kit At Swyns Meet

    Kitkat that is. the 5th of jan be there or be sad:p
  4. jasons

    reindeer skin wanted

    reindeer skin wanted can you help
  5. jasons

    westwinds ventilesmock

    Have any of you come across one for under £ 170?
  6. jasons

    fire drill glossy tips

  7. jasons

    Roger phillips wild fiowers of britain

    An excellent book, if you want to learn your plants it’s got best photos I have seen of plants.
  8. jasons

    happy hand drill

    :D Just got my first ember with the hand drill , :D
  9. jasons

    happy birthday sandsnakes

    happy birthday sandsnakes you old git .Have a good one :p
  10. jasons

    big parachute wanted

    can you help
  11. jasons

    stone or glass bearing block

    I had some top results with stone and glass bearing blocks it makes it a hell of a lot easyer for a glass bearing block I heat up a bottel on the fire and the glass pits and it makes a top bearing block. give it a try just stay well back when the glass is on the fire. I get an ember evey time...
  12. jasons

    good tracking book

    I got given a top book for my birthday animal tracks and signs by preben bang isbn o-19929997-8 cheers Rod .If you are intrested in animals then this book is for you.
  13. jasons

    thermalite are they any good

  14. jasons

    thermalite are they any good

    Seen them on evilbay look good can You let me no if they are or if there is some thing better in that price range. sorry there going for 30 pounds cheers J
  15. jasons

    what are you eating

    what wild food are eating at the at the moment?
  16. jasons

    hot fuzz rocks

    has any one seen hot fuzz .I have and god its funny. ten out of ten :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:
  17. jasons

    how to cumstomize you avatar

    can you help cheers jason :)
  18. jasons

    logs to burn

    has any one got a ful version the logs to burn poem
  19. jasons

    king afreds cakes on ebay

    I have just had a look on ebay and some one is selling crampballs
  20. jasons

    what kit do you take out

    What kit are you lot takeing out with you .and do any of you go out with bear minium ie sleeping bag pot knife and axe and good clothing or do you end up with stuff you did not even use like me