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  1. Shinken

    Nessie ready for HT

    Finally sorted my workshop out, so I got stuck in and put this grind on a nessie blade I shaped years ago :D Ready for HT
  2. Shinken

    Birch Bark knife

    Finally got some time to handle a blade ive had around for a bit. 01 tool steel, Birch bark and Brass. First go at bark It has a stainless threaded rod brazed on to the tang (after the bolster was fitted) and the butt plate is drilled and tapped to take the rod. Then the buttcap was screwed on...
  3. Shinken

    Pics For British Red

    As requested, Not finished yet needs a bit of sanding etc, putting a yew handle on tonight (not ideal i know, gonna do an Ash one as well.) Its a take down toma (handle comes off) Be gentle Red its my first axe Body is mild steel with 1085 carbon steel edge forge welded into it
  4. Shinken

    Best mans wedding present

    This one is a bit late as he was my best man 3 years ago :P It is made from 01 tool steel, and wood is brown oak i salvaged from a traditional green oak timber frame that i was building. I had it stabilised by Pikebite and a good job it was too.
  5. Shinken

    leuku finally finished

    Here it is, my take on a leuku as i find the handles on traditional ones way to fat. 4mm 01 tool steel with nickel bolster and butt with stabilized curly birch (still needs a polish)
  6. Shinken

    The best piece of brown oak ive ever seen

    When i was milling wood for the timber frame im making found this
  7. Shinken

    Bowmaking oak?

    Hello all, I am a green oak timber framer and we mill our own oak. I am keen on making a european flatbow out of oak. My question is what am i looking for grainwise in a stave? Any links or helpfull bowmaking info would be great too! Ash
  8. Shinken

    Workshop tour

    Ally grinder motor for my new grinder:D saw for cutting knife handle material back up saw back up saw 2 For picking up bowie size blocks
  9. Shinken

    Home made sharpener(portable)

    For those familiar with the spyderco sharmaker, this one has not got any rods to proteck fingers. But there is no need to press hard. Am thinking of putting two ends that are thicker than the plastic you you can lay the stone down and clamp it in flat. Easy to make and you could use...
  10. Shinken

    Mora clipper and sheath

    I made myself a leather sheath for my clipper, but i have loads of knives so have decided to sell it. Knife has been in and out of sheath but i have never taken it out so is for all intents and purposes sheath is brand new. The main bevel on the clipper is convex and has been used lots (in its...
  11. Shinken

    Leuku WIP (work in progress)

    Here it is so far, normalised. I am building a new forge so it will be a while before i finish it.
  12. Shinken

    Falkniven H1 mod WIP (work in progress)

    Braze a nut onto stainless steel Cut a V-notch into tang and a point on stainless threaded rod Jiggle untill good fit Silver braze it together Fit bolster Ready for handle Brazing the tang was scary, had to work fast so the blade did not...
  13. Shinken


    Inspired by this thread: I decided to design myself a nessy, full flat grind and hopefully suitable for chopping and food prep. Not sure it is possible but i came up with the top drawing. If you keep the flat grind at the same...
  14. Shinken

    Fun Projects?

    I am thinking of running a little craft toolbox at my church, and i was thinking about some small fun things that we could carve/make. I have access to a woodland, with oak/elder/softwood/lime/+other tree's. One project i have is whistles, which i think is fun as you can experiment and see...
  15. Shinken

    Knife advice

    During my time as a hobbyist knife maker I have noticed a lot of misleading as to what’s what when it comes to knives. I think it is understandable as a lot of what is written in books and on the web is based on the writers’ preference rather than the truth about the type of tool...
  16. Shinken

    Mora vs woodlore

    Which is better and why:hammock::deadhorse:
  17. Shinken


    Whats happened to TheGreenMan? You can no longer pm him and he has not been here or over on BB for 6months? Is he okay?
  18. Shinken

    A cool new knife i made using Enzo stick tang

    So due to my wedding and housemoving i cant make any blades so am getting withdrawal symptoms for making knives. But i found some enzo blades that i had lying around so i managed to find a spare five minutes and knocked this up I owe a couple of people promises of knives as presents to them...
  19. Shinken

    Second prototype in my search for an ideal knife

    Well here it is: Keep trying different shapes but always come back to the traditional shape. Blade is cpm3v plain Stabilized oak handle with a lovely chatoyance, micarta bolster and brass cap screwed into countersunk holes. Tang has a pin through it
  20. Shinken

    Bushtool (not a woody clone) my take on an old design

    This is my new bushy prototype (not s manufacturing prototype but personal use proto) It incorporates things i dont like about woody type clones. I dont like the blades being too wide as it limits what you can do not too thick 3mm is more than plenty Partial tang for lightness but...