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  1. scottisha5

    Trent Knife and Tool (TKT) “Allen Field Knife” Review (pic heavy)

    Hello everyone, I’m delighted to be able to do this review on this lovely field knife. Ok first up I'm no knife expert so please put up with layman's terms for this review. Also please note these are my own opinions, I do not work for Elliot at TKT nor am I being paid to do this review. This...
  2. scottisha5

    Wanted CVRT Crew Shelter

    As title says, anyone have a CVRT AFV crew shelter complete? Give me a shout please if you have one Best wishes John
  3. scottisha5

    Services offered Polish Lavuu MODS price list

    Hi Folks, Please find attached a price list which should save you having to Pm me for prices. I think its only fair that the prices are available to view. Of course deals are available, please just ask me. Polish Lavuu MOD Prices...
  4. scottisha5

    For Sale Industrial sewing modifications

    Hello fellow Bushcrafter’s. I’ve decided to take the plunge and offer my sewing services to forum members. Please have a look and see what I offer and if you have anything else you want modded then give me shout and lets see what can be done. Tarps/Groundsheets/tool rolls etc. I can make...
  5. scottisha5

    Firesteel search

    I'm looking for a firesteel to go with my Mark Jacobs knife. Does anyone on the forum make/sell such things and not just the usual things you can buy commercially? Any pointers gratefully received. atb John
  6. scottisha5

    Day Out Overnighter in Lavuu with GStove

    Spent a few nights at my own permission near Lesmahagow in one of my modded Lavuu’s with my GStove the last few nights. It was -2 in the evening/during the night and I was in my vest and underpants inside. The GStove is a superbly made item of kit and if you burn good quality dry hardwood it...
  7. scottisha5

    Wanted Bushcraft Knife - what have you for sale

    Hello all, A few months ago I bought a few nice folders from one of the forum members here and I seem to have gotten away with it from SWMBO. So what have you? Anyone clearing out mint boxed folders. Also looking for a bushcraft blade thats useable i.e. not to be kept in a box. Cheers :)
  8. scottisha5

    Polish Lavvu's wanted.

    Hi Folks, Looking for good condition Polish Lavvu's to MOD for forum members. Let me know what you have. Many thanks and best wishes to all John
  9. scottisha5

    Cant see images on any thread. :(

    Hi there, Not very tech minded :( I can't see any images on any threads. I'm on a mac using safari. Also any link I click on just takes me to the main forum page. Any advice greatly appreciated, in laymans talk and really slow if possible :) Thanks in advance John :)
  10. scottisha5

    *** Cooking Tripod, Fire-pit Bowl, Dutch Oven - full outfit please *** ALL SORTED NOW

    Hello campers :), We are looking for a full set up of a tripod, griddle, fire-pit bowl, chains, hooks, and perhaps a Dutch oven and or some cook pots. Basically a full kit out. Anyone of our fellow Bushcrafter's help us out? We are in Scotland, willing to pay for a courier or travel...
  11. scottisha5

    Anyone used the Travel Tap from BPL?

    Hi folks, Just purchased 'The Travel Tap' water purifiication and filtration botttle from Backpackinglight. Anyone used one and whats your findings? Nothing to do with the company just a happy customer. atb John ScottishA5 Motherwell
  12. scottisha5

    Clark Jungle Hammock - Importing experience?

    Hi All, Apols if this has been covered before, tried a search to no avail. Anyone own a Clark Jungle Hammock and if so where did you get it and did you have any importing or tax problems? I fancy the Clark NX 250 @ Experiences and photos welcomed. Many thanks...
  13. scottisha5

    Recommend an Ultralight Tarp

    Hi Folks, Been using a DD 3 x 3 tarp (650g) but ive got that ultralight bug and want to go down in weight/size. Anyone recommend a tarp thats lighter but still good quality? Thanks in advance John ScottishA5 Motherwell
  14. scottisha5

    What Bivi would you reccomend?

    Hi Folks, Hopefully not been done to death recently, what Bivi Bag would you recommend? Something for all seasons and easy to get into as well as light. Thanks in advance John Scottisha5 Motherwell
  15. scottisha5

    Lowe Alpine Sting/Web-tex medic pouch question

    Hi all Anyone know if the Web-Tex Medic pouch fits properly on a Lowe Alpine Sting? Pics and or links would be nice. Thanks guys and gals atb John
  16. scottisha5

    Brownlee Pond Meet up wed 2nd Dec 09

    Just a wee reminder of the meet on 2nd Dec 2009 Leave a post if your coming along Cheers John Brownlee Pond Meet Venue: Brownlee Pond Near Dalserf, Clydeside. Meeting Time: 1000 am Date: Wed 2nd Dec 2009 Meet up point: Car parking at Scottish Water Site Hi all...
  17. scottisha5

    Brownlee Pond Lanarkshire meet up

    Brownlee Pond Meet (See lanarkshire/central meets in the scotland south section) all welcome Venue: Brownlee Pond Near Dalserf, Clydeside. Meeting Time: 1000 am Date: Wed 2nd Dec 2009 Meet up point: Car parking at Scottish Water Site Hi all, ok went...
  18. scottisha5

    Where is Brownlee Pond/Forest, Lanarkshire?

    Hi folks, :) Just as heading, any info on where this place is appreciated. Also looking for other tarping locations in lanarkshire. Best wishes to all John Scottisha5 Motherwell
  19. scottisha5

    Lanarkshire/Central meet ups

    Hi all, Anyone interested in regular bush days/nights out in Lanarkshire/Central area. Me and Gerry (Gerry1965) are out every week at least one night usually either a hill walk and camp out or Clydeside just tarping and living out. Get in touch if you wanna meet up. John Motherwell
  20. scottisha5

    What Tarp Ridgeline and tightening methods

    Hi all :) Just into tarping and was wondering if anyone had info on whats the best rope/cord to use as a ridge line and also noticed on a number of setups that the ridgeline is set quite high up in the trees. Im assuming no one takes a small step ladder lol. Also what kind of set up are...