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  1. Spacemonkey

    If you go down to the woods today... Who needs an axe when you have these fellas around..?
  2. Spacemonkey

    Bush Tucker Man DVDs

    Been searching for these for years.. Finally found a good shop in Oz that flogs them at good prices: Series 1 - Arnhem Land to Rainforests Series 3 - Bush Tucker Man Survival Stories The first DVD contains two discs covering the whole first series, and the other...
  3. Spacemonkey

    Bushcraft Bike Rally..

  4. Spacemonkey

    Best dye for tan M65 trousers to dead bracken colour?

    Does anyone know of a dye shade that is a dead match more or less for the rust brown colour of dead bracken that is littering our forests now? I want to dye some tan M65 trousers to match the forest floor/dead bracken colour. I want it to be a pretty long lasting/permanent colour. What is the...
  5. Spacemonkey

    Land Rover Defender 90 question

    For all those owners of the Solihull Spawn Of Satan, I have a couple of questions. Does the 200TDi have a foldable front window like the earlier TD models? I understand the 300 TDi does not?? How does this work? If the doors were removed, would this leave a frame upright, or would the...
  6. Spacemonkey

    Kassai Lajos vids

    Anyone who knows who Kassai Lajos is would like to see these vids of him doing a demonstration: (hint, he made the bow for the Robin the Hoddy trash)
  7. Spacemonkey

    Sequel to The Good Life, by Dorian Amos...

    I got a great email from him last year after reading the book, and have just received another concerning the awaited sequel.. Well here it is:
  8. Spacemonkey

    Norwegian Woolly Jumpers

    Back in the early 90's when i lived in Oslo for a while, my forlovede knitted me a traditional Norwegian jumper which I still have. The shops then were selling them at about £250!! The question is, does anyone, particularily our Norsk friends, know of any online retailers? So far the only one i...
  9. Spacemonkey

    Cows With Guns

    Made me chuckle after a very busy day in the morgue:
  10. Spacemonkey

    Gore Tex and Ventile washing thread...

    Question 1. What is the best way to wash ventile with minimal disturbance to the proofing agent and what soap to use? Question 2. My girly bought herself a nice as new Goretex jacket for £2 in her charity shop she works in... She then shoved it in the machine on a cool wash with all her...
  11. Spacemonkey

    No thanks, I'd rather starve...

    Ok, not quite bushcraft, unless you like eating everything....
  12. Spacemonkey

    Another bowyers question: rasp files

    Where oh where can I get a suitable sized wood rasp for cutting the nocks on the bow? I've tried all the usual suspects and a few smaller tool shops but nothing but huge ones or needle files for metal. I know they exist as i have scrounged them in the past, but where can I get one now, and what...
  13. Spacemonkey

    Mould in tomato box's compost...

    Ok, maybe not quite the right place, but you lot seem to know about these things so here goes... Have recently started growing some cherry tomato plants from seeds (plum and round) that I dried, in a trough in the kitchen window. Used commercial all pupose compost. Now i might have slightly...
  14. Spacemonkey

    Tillering question for the bowyers amongst you...

    I've been knocking up (sorry...) a longbow made from ash backing and walnut belly of about 72" which just about reaches my draw of 30" (next one will be longer to make the draw more 'comfortable' for the wood). Trouble is, that the lower arm is definitely stiffer than the top. The lower arm...
  15. Spacemonkey

    Review of Shimano Exage mini telescopic travel spinning rod.

    As featured here: This rod has been mentioned a few times on the telescopic rod thread, so I thought I'd do a quick review here for those interested. Word on the street...
  16. Spacemonkey

    Snugpak Softie Elite 2 sleeping bag

    Ok, so I have my cool Rab bag for the winter and cold bits of spring and autumn, but I kind of need a decent compact lightweight summer bag. I'm a cold sleeper so the smaller of the snugpaks are out, but the Softie Elite range looks interesting and I think the number 2 model suits my...
  17. Spacemonkey

    The famous Spacemonkey Hammock Bow knot

    Well a while ago I mentioned that I hang my hammock with a simple single bow at each end. Well I finally got around to taking a pic to prove it thus: and a close up: As can be seen, the lines are passed around the poor unsuspecting tree at chest height and carried UNDER each other...
  18. Spacemonkey

    Wild Raspberries

    Don't laugh, but I've never found any before, which is a shame as I love raspberries but perish the thought at Tescos' prices. However whilst out in Savernake Forest today (below Marlborough, Wiltshire) I discovered that most of the undergrowth where I go is actually wild raspberry and it is...
  19. Spacemonkey

    CLA Game Fair 28th-30th JUly, Romsey Just noticed this game fair, sold as the biggest etc etc. Lots of outdoors events and stalls. Bound to be plenty to keep the kit junkies happy... I might trip on down for the archery and flyfishing stuff. It's happening at Broadlands, Romsey, down South..
  20. Spacemonkey

    Longbow Apache A64D

    Anyone spot the slightly ironic use of the Army Air Corps Longbow Apache: ( )