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  1. bopdude

    I'm getting a not secure message

    As per title, only when I click on the community tab though, all the rest seem to be ok, just FYI :)
  2. bopdude

    Withdrawn Bear Paw snowshoes

    As per title, has anyone got a set in good working order with cleats preferred that they want to move on. TIA
  3. bopdude

    Wanted Helsport Foot Bags Large

    As per title, has anyone got a pair in good condition that they want to move on before I hit the button ? TIA
  4. bopdude

    Bed on a roll anyone.

    Just seen this and thought I would share, the guy makes it look so easy.
  5. bopdude

    Sold Frontier Stove +++++

    Hi all, as per title, I have a Frontier stove ( Gen 1 ) that I bought, it has had one burn, comes with a stainless steel elbow and a silicon clamp in stove jack, comes with carry bag as well, looking for £130 posted within the UK standard areas, pictures to follow.
  6. bopdude

    Wanted Zebra Billy Pots

    Hi all, as per title really, looking for a 16cm and 14cm Zebra, before I hit the button I thought I would see if there were any that people wanted to move on. Thanks in advance.
  7. bopdude

    Wanted Snugpak cocoon or underblanket

    As per title really, has anyone got one to move on before I buy elsewhere ? Thanks in advance Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  8. bopdude

    ULA Ohm Large

    Hi all. Long shot but putting the feelers out, as per title, has anyone got an ULA Ohm large the would like to move on, prefer green but what have you got. Thanks. EDIT: after emailing ULA it would seem that I need the medium belt, can anyone advise on that, I'm 5' 10" tall and a 34" waist
  9. bopdude

    Exped Synmat UL 9 failure

    Hi all. Quick run down, after inflating the mat I moved it to another room in the house, this room was much warmer, about half an hour later I heard a loud pop, the middle two chambers are now one big one, so I have 2 smaller chambers, 1 big one and 2 small ones again, I'm guessing that a...
  10. bopdude

    Ti-Goat Vortex Large stove

    Copied and pasted from the full members classifieds, I hope this is ok. Hi all, as per title really. I'm selling my wood burning titanium stove, this is a great stove that weighs very little, it comes with an 11 foot chimney, details can be found HERE Taken from the website "The...
  11. bopdude

    Camping in Arctic Sweden 2017 pic heavey

    Hi all, well a follow on from the planning thread, as per title, a little write up of the Arctic adventure. Things didn't go to plan with numbers, the original 6 went to 5 and then to 4 Brits due to ill health on 2 members parts, we did meet up with Greger for a day and a night though, great to...
  12. bopdude

    USAF Military N-1B ECW Mukluk Boots large

    Hi all, as per title, looking for a pair of mukluks for a mate, prefer them with inners and liners but open to what is available. Thanks for looking
  13. bopdude

    Jerven bag copies

    Hi all, I'm sure I've seen a link somewhere for the Jerven bag clone, I've done a search but can't find the link, can anyone point me to it please. Thanks.
  14. bopdude

    Karrimor Sabre SF 45 + side pouches

    Hi all. I have for sale THE Karrimor Sabre SF 45 with the PLCE side pouches all in OGD, used only a couple of times, all in all in very good condition, no marks, let alone rips or scuffs, only selling to fund another project. Asking £75 by PayPal or BACS delivered to mainland UK I'll...
  15. bopdude

    Karrimor Sabre SF 80-130+side pouches+yoke

    Hi all. For sale is the Karrimor Sabre SF in OGD, included are the side pouches and yoke, it's been used recently for a 2 nighter so in used / new condition, got for an upcoming trip but it won't be as suitable as I thought, hence the sale. For a big bag it's light enough at 4kg without the...
  16. bopdude

    New memeber help needed please.

    Hi admin / mods, a new member is having trouble posting after his intro thread, members name is Skookum, he's a top bloke and is wondering if his link to sat phones ( for us ) was going against forum rules ? thanks for looking in.
  17. bopdude

    Odd request re: valves

    Hi all, as per title. I'm looking for a diy kit to go into a dry bag wall, the thought behind it is to get all the air out whilst folding over the top of the bag, then lock it off / bung it. I've looked and seen some that you glue / weld onto the bag but I would like something with a mechanical...
  18. bopdude

    Runswick Bay Pic heavy.

    Well Saturday morning came and it was down to me to go solo, chomping at the bit I was out of the house late morning. A view looking towards my intended target, had never camped out down the beach so far so a bit of a mystery. I had a rough idea where I was headed so followed my...
  19. bopdude


    Hi all, planning in the early stages for an Arctic trip next January so I will be needing a good home, just putting the feelers out to see who had what that was surplus to requirements, I almost have my stove sorted so something with a stove jack would be good, just to be upfront, if someone did...
  20. bopdude

    DD 4 x 4 mc tarp

    Hi all. Long shot before I hit the button, has anyone got a DD 4 X 4 Tarp in multi-cam that they would like to move on. Thanks for looking