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  1. Ed the Ted

    Sold Maxpedition Falcon II

    Hello all, Continuing to shift on gear I no longer use, for sale here is my Maxpedition Falcon II rucksack, a really great bit of tactical-style kit, really well designed and made. I tried to capture the most obvious wear in the pics, it is a ridiculously tough fabric so it will go on for years...
  2. Ed the Ted

    Sold Catapult, organisers, smock

    Looking at relocation over yonder seas in the Autumn so slowly sorting through bits that I like but can't really justify keeping or putting into storage long term. All prices include Postage and paypal fees. Reducing the prices! PPMG catapult: £30 posted sold! Maxped Medical pouch £25 posted...
  3. Ed the Ted

    For Sale Meindl Perfekt 10.5

    Hi all, Feeling the pinch and looking to move on some boots that I've been saving for when I move back to somewhere like the highlands, unfortunately that still seems rather distant so needs must. For sale I have a used but in very good nick pair of Meindl Perfekt boots size 10.5. For those...
  4. Ed the Ted

    De-waxing barbour

    Hello all, Just a question about removing some wax from a barbour smock I have... its quite old and when I got it I soaked a whole tin into it. However I think that I might have overdone it and as a result its very stiff (it's already too big for me and without 'hanging' well its a bit...
  5. Ed the Ted

    Tick count

    I'm on 3 bites and one crawler so far this year. Any contenders?
  6. Ed the Ted

    Potential issues with getting out in Caledonian forest

    Hi all, I have a couple of questions about getting out overnight in a large section of the Caledonian forest in Speyside (which is largely an RSPB reserve). I presume that building basic shelters and such is fine with fallen wood so long as significant structures aren't left about the...