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  1. troyka

    Easy pour over coffee for outdoors

    I just saw this and thought I would share.
  2. troyka

    Carving practice stick

    A long time ago I had a copy of a thing that showed carving on a stick so you could learn useful bushcraft cuts like a pot hasnger n other stuff. But I don't remember where it was from. anyone know of such a thing and where to get a copy? Thanks
  3. troyka

    android foraging map tool?

    hi im looking for an app that i can map places i find with various resources, apple trees, hazel, berry, mushrooms ect...but cant find one, does one exist? or are you a droid app maker? and fancy making one for the community?
  4. troyka

    st austell cornwall

    hi all ive just moved to st austell cornwall, any local groups?
  5. troyka

    thermos cooking!

    i just came accross this link "Cooking food in a thermos beats standing over a stove or worrying about timers or pulling something out of an oven. Even the worst cook should be able to cook food in a thermos – it’s pretty foolproof." makes me wish i had a...
  6. troyka

    diy capsules

    DIY Capsules Materials & Tools needed: Two plastic cola or water bottles of the exact same size with caps, small tube of super glue, fine tooth saw, file, sandpaper, one clamp and a vise.
  7. troyka

    archery bow, leather pouch and other stuff to swap

    ive listed a couple of things previously, pics in the link still available but also clearing out my old Bow, and a leather pouch, Prison issue for keys ( i did youth work in a prison for a while)...
  8. troyka

    woodland trust

    Ive just met with the woodland trust local guy for my area about setting up a volunteering group, to help manage a wood not far from me. We talked about a lot of ideas, clearing ivy, dangerous fallen wood, improving the habitat, planting, making benches, from logs etc trails and tidying up...
  9. troyka

    Active Waist bag Ideal for Hiking/EDC

    Active Waist bag Ideal for Hiking/EDC image here Hydration comes from the 2 water bottles secured in the bag. A good sized main compartment will keep most essentials and even a windproof shell...
  10. troyka

    camping comp..

    thought some of you may like this .
  11. troyka

    Anvil rail line..

    found this today looks cool, but only a metal worker would know if its usefull Railway Line Anvil
  12. troyka

    Gti Gentini Nautical jacket

    hi i have a Gti Gentini Nautical jacket in blue see images, bought for £60 from seasalt penzance one very wet weekend and not worn since.. its a xxl size, but is a snug fit to my 51" chest so Not XXL, its in great shape see images, as i say only worn that weekend its a nice jacket, but i cant...
  13. troyka

    shelter in the woods, fungus and a feather!

    i found this really cool shelter in the woods at Weston, its built of rocks and logs, and has recently had work done on it by the look of the soil... i don't know if its a bush crafter or young people.. i also found some fungus i dont know what it is and it seems to have made the ivy...
  14. troyka

    car boot bargins

    i found 2 car boot sales in weston super mare this weekend and picked up this little assortment of camping pans for £1.. i was on the lookout for a knife but didn't find one. anyone else get any car booty this week?
  15. troyka

    How to make new scales for Swiss Army Knife

    photo tutorial looks cool
  16. troyka

    woodburning tool?

    hi i am making a walking stick for my farther in law, and wanted to carve something simple, but im not sure of my skill so i thought about woodburning, anyone do this? who can offer tips advice or point me at a website? also by the look of most tools they look like soldering irons...
  17. troyka


    Over the last few weeks ive spent more time in my local woods than ever before and I just wanted to say thanks to you all ive been reading the forum on and off for years and have been inspired recently to just get out in nature a bit more, im an avid cyclist and tend to go for a burn rather...
  18. troyka

    making a walking staf

    I've just been for a walk in my local woods, and cut me a sycamore staf. should i leave it to season or can it be used now? its green wood and im planning to strip most bark if not all and wax it at some point. i want to decorate it a little too.. maybe some pattern carving. this is my...
  19. troyka

    southwest festivals

    hi anyone know of any festivals / fayer's in the southwest, that are kinda trad crafts medieval music kinda things? i was going to joust a few years back up it canceled and went bust.. so im looking for something to take the wife and 6yold to later this year or next..
  20. troyka

    found a tree!

    i know its a bit lame but i found some hazels yesterday, with the start of some nuts, so looking forward to September to pick a few.. i got hold of a collins gem tree book as my knowledge of trees is worse than i thought..