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  1. bopdude

    Hello from Finland

    Hi and welcome aboard, look forward to seeing some of your trip reports with pictures :)
  2. bopdude

    Hello from up North

    Welcome aboard :)
  3. bopdude

    I'm getting a not secure message

    As per title, only when I click on the community tab though, all the rest seem to be ok, just FYI :)
  4. bopdude

    Boreal shirt pattern

    I have a pattern, sorry to whoever it was gave me it, it wasn't part of the ones doing the rounds, it's in brown paper format all cut for a large, obviously adaptable, pm me if you are interested in borrowing it, my 'seamstress' is going through some bad times so I haven't asked her yet.
  5. bopdude

    Is it worth getting the inner for a Helsport Varanger 4-6?

    I used to own one, really regret moving it on, anyway, depends on a few things, if your going to be the only one in there, as I was then I would sometimes just use a tarp under my sleeping area, if the ground is wet and muddy then a full floor is nice and if your going to use a stove then...
  6. bopdude

    The ray mears beanie

    Got one, used it in Sweden, mine grew ! it's now a very loose fit and I haven't washed it ? I do find it very warm though.
  7. bopdude

    Hammock Differences

    A lot of depends on how you sleep, some sleep warmer than others, the 'art' of hammocking .................. there is no golden rule, a lot sleep with a better rated underquilt and a quilt inside instead of a sleeping bag, if you get to warm you can vent the underquilt to allow air flow so it's...
  8. bopdude

    Hammock Differences

    As said, some hammocks come as a complete set up others you have to do in kit form, also a longer hammock will make it easier to achieve a flat lay, or there about, the Amok 3 is a complete system that pitches completely different and uses an inflatable pad in a way that will let you sleep on...
  9. bopdude

    Hello from Sweden

    Hi and welcome to the forum, you'll find a fair few of us have been to and love Sweden,, I was there this year January and early planning for next year already, stick around and tells some tales, look forward to pictures as well.
  10. bopdude

    Wanted Wool Combat trousers

    Not a problem, at least you're sorted :)
  11. bopdude

    Wanted Wool Combat trousers

    @Man of Tanith have found them, there are no sizes on them that I can see but with a tape measure the waist looks to be 36" ish and the inside leg 32" ish, I'll take a couple of pictures and post them up, there are are couple of grazes but nothing to speak of, pictures incoming.
  12. bopdude

    Wanted Wool Combat trousers

    I have a couple of pairs around that size, I will have to dig them out of the storage and check, probably happen tomorrow, not sure if they're classed as combat though, iirc they are Swedish Army surplus, I bought and wore them for my first trip up North :)
  13. bopdude

    Modified Sub Zero Sleeping System.

    I'm looking at getting up North again in January, Abisko area this time, early planning stages, would love Jokkmokk market as well but we'll see :)
  14. bopdude

    Trench Grill

    Always looking at new options, and as well as those mentioned above, cost being very nice, I recently came across this
  15. bopdude

    York Knife Seax

    Now that is a great looking knife, each to their own I know, but I love it.
  16. bopdude

    Withdrawn Final price drops on various odds and end, books, pocket knives etc.

    Interested in the first handline, what would you be looking for in trades ?
  17. bopdude

    For Sale RP80, bivvi bag, Trailstar type tarp.

    Is the Trailstart copy the model with the taped seams @kard133 Edit: just read the description on your link and they're not sealed, thanks though.
  18. bopdude

    *The* Gift-It-On Thread

    Yes please to the Milbank bag, damn it, I was too late but on my screen I was was first ? oh well, great catch.
  19. bopdude

    Pots and pans!

    What is the diameter of the base of the pot, if you're happy with your stainless pot then I would look for a frying pan / skillet pan that nestles on the bottom of it, I like the looks of those sheets, interesting idea ?
  20. bopdude


    Is the new season up yet, I thought it was a few days away ?