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  1. Ed the Ted

    Lock down boreal smock project

    Looks good!
  2. Ed the Ted

    Covid-19 Travel for exercise - Reasonable distance

    Well said. The UK (news and government) has been playing a game of 'which segment of the population shall we speculatively blame for current covid situation' since the beginning, and unsurprisingly its never those who have been under and de-funding health and welfare services for years and years...
  3. Ed the Ted

    Covid-19 Travel for exercise - Reasonable distance

    Truly it is possible in many places, perhaps I'm thinking more about the A roads which are very busy with cars and trucks and lorries. Great that you can stay so close to home, but lets not forget that driving doesn't give you covid, and some people (admittedly a huge minority) cant not drive...
  4. Ed the Ted

    Covid-19 Travel for exercise - Reasonable distance

    In West Wales and I'm sure in other places there are a lot of little hamlets of a few houses, by the side of a B or A road, tucked into an old north facing quarried out cliff or beside steep hillside woods. No footpath on the road, no rights of way or too steep off the road, some people HAVE to...
  5. Ed the Ted

    Is it stil worth carrying a compass?

    Yesterday we drove to a new hilly wooded area for a walk, I lost my bearing whilst we were driving as I was on the phone so my general sense of direction was off, we got out the car and marched off down the road in the wrong direction because we had oriented the map the wrong way round...
  6. Ed the Ted

    Sorry, another 'which jacket/smock' question!!!!

    why do you roll around on the ground???
  7. Ed the Ted

    Sorry, another 'which jacket/smock' question!!!!

    I remember seeing a soft waterproof smock in winstays in newtown, powys, probably jack pyke, looked pretty good to me! Think it was this one:
  8. Ed the Ted

    Baker tents

  9. Ed the Ted

    Baker tents

    You'd think that would be prime hammock landscape
  10. Ed the Ted

    Baker tents

    When I first went camping for a week on an island in the Adriatic sea, I realised that not all camping is created equal. We don't even put the rainfly on the tent anymore, sleeping next to the sea in high summer in just the inner of a tent is pure, pure bliss.
  11. Ed the Ted

    Finnish hermits and other films from Finland

    What an amazing collection, thanks so much Martti for diligently posting all this
  12. Ed the Ted

    Merino wool itch.

    I too get the itch from wool. With eczema around my neck, face, hands, arms and shoulders, i gave up on all wool, just not worth it to me as I will scratch myself into a serious flare up that considerably negatively impact my life. Synthetics all the way, but still mainly cotton when im not...
  13. Ed the Ted

    Leather oil?

    For years I have used cold pressed almond oil I got in a big 1 or 1.5l bottle from ebay, cheap as chips, easy to apply with a basting brush. It doesnt set so i can imagine it flushes out faster than other things but for the ease of application I just prefer it over boot waxes that I almost never...
  14. Ed the Ted

    How do I know where it’s OK to camp?

    You'll be fine, I think just knowing the legal situation, and not wanting to upset anyone, makes people discerning enough to have no problems. England/Wales is such an exception in the northern hemisphere, almost total landscape change to human or livestock use AND legal alienation from the land...
  15. Ed the Ted

    How do I know where it’s OK to camp?

    This question is really interesting vis-a-vis bushcraft in wales and england, legally (other than seeking formal permission, owning land yourself), and practically (with regard to landscape change, enclosure, conversion to grazing or arable land), it points to the sheer difficulty of practising...
  16. Ed the Ted

    Heavy duty combats recommendations please

    Not combats but heavy duty and smart-ish: samuel windsor sell moleskins but in a jean cut, in a range of colours. Super thick moleskin jeans, I wear them all the time through winter, love them.
  17. Ed the Ted


    It might be worth contacting your local tools for self reliance group, not sure if there are any in lancashire but my dad started the groups in birmingham and malvern hills, they get donations of old tools, do them up and either sell them for money or post them (preferred, but you can imagine...
  18. Ed the Ted

    underground water.. SAFE TO DRINK?

    I would always filter personally. You don't need human contamination for stuff to get into water that humans really shouldn't ingest.
  19. Ed the Ted

    Victorinox's new folding paring knives.

    Not legal to carry without specific reason, on account of the linerlock. Given the discretionary situation in UK knife-law (anything can potentially be seen as an offensive weapon if used or threatened as such), perhaps we should refrain from making explicit assocations between these simple...
  20. Ed the Ted

    Woollen blanket problems

    I'd try a soak a la toddy, with bicarbonate of soda, or soda crystals, or vinegar or as toddy says, shampoo.