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  1. Asa Samuel

    Can you recommend me a small waterproof backpack?

    Well I haven't posted on here for a long time, in that time I've finished one course at college and am set to move on to uni next month and I've moved house twice! I hope everyone on here is doing well and you've all been having a nice time outdoors, indoors and wherever you are! Anyway, on with...
  2. Asa Samuel

    Bushcraft shaving lotion?

    Hey, It struck me today that shaving is something we do today that almost always includes some kind of modern-day manufacturing process along the way. I am just delving into double-edge safety razor shaving so I am already minimising on the manufacturing that goes into my shaves but a question...
  3. Asa Samuel

    If you like stoves...

    Then you have to visit this guy on youtube: He has tons and tons of homemade and commercial stove tests each with boil tests, flame temps and all sorts :D No connection to him, just can't stop watching the videos - some really interesting stuff...
  4. Asa Samuel

    Drying wood in the microwave?

    Hi there, I was just watching a video on youtube - Joerg Sprave's video on making a wooden slingshot - and Joerg made a slingshot from a wooden fork he collected a few days before. Because it was still fresh he said that he put the wood in the microwave a few times to dry it out. I can...
  5. Asa Samuel

    Wanted: Micromesh

    Hi, I'd like some sheets of micromesh preferably in the same bundle as here: In...
  6. Asa Samuel

    The woodland trust - bushcraft friendly?

    Hi there, There is a piece of woodland nearby owned by the woodland trust, it isn't a very large wood and has many footpaths and is very busy with walkers, joggers and cyclists - particularly during the tourist season. It is one of my favourite places to explore and I have seen many potential...
  7. Asa Samuel

    cheap coarse diamond stone St Austell/Truro areC

    Hey, I'm looking for a coarse diamond stone or set of diamond stones around the St Austell/Truro area, they need to be fairly cheap as they are going to be used for quite a lot of metal removal and might not last long. Doesn't have to be diamond so long as it's fairly coarse (coarser than a DC4...
  8. Asa Samuel

    Can you get any more 'Bushcrafty' than this? Truly incredible is all I can say :)
  9. Asa Samuel

    Cleaning oilstones

    Hi, I bought a cheap oilstone because I have a lot of rough work to do with it but it's getting really clogged up with the metal powder that comes off the blade and isn't as abrasive as before. How should I go about cleaning it as I thought you shouldn't apply water to an oilstone? Also...
  10. Asa Samuel

    Two questions :)

    Hi, Firstly, I saw a video of someone running the edge of their knife very lightly through a piece of wood to remove the burr after sharpening and stropping (he stropped on the stone which I've never seen before?) he didn't explain why he did this or how useful it is so could someone please...
  11. Asa Samuel

    Just a thought...

    First off a little disclaimer: I am not trying to stir up trouble and I don't want this to turn into a knife law rant thread. This is a simple observation and question and I would like to keep it that way :) I got given a swiss card for xmas last year and just recently had a little thought...
  12. Asa Samuel

    Is this the same stuff?

    Is this the same stuff that everybody uses to finish knife handles with?
  13. Asa Samuel

    Waterproof college rucksack.

    Hi, I'm going to start going to college on my motorbike soon and as you can almost guarantee rain around here I need a waterproof rucksack that is big enough to fit a couple of A4 folders and lunch, pencil case etc (usual collegy stuff). It must be as water tight as possible as if anything gets...
  14. Asa Samuel

    My first knife: take two! (slightly pic heavy)

    Well, I thinned down my knife as some here and over on BB suggested, it feels much nicer in the hand but I don't think I'd want it much thinner as the mora is too thin for me. hope you like it :) Asa.
  15. Asa Samuel

    My first knife.

    Hi guys, This is my first knife, it's from a karesuando knife kit and is composed of a 10cm/3mm stainless steel blade, brass bolster, leather, antler and birch handle (11cm at longest). Clamped with a guitar stand, (See here for details...
  16. Asa Samuel

    Sharpening on a small stone.

    Hi, I know there have been a lot of sharpening threads recently but none of them covered this :) I was just wondering what people do when using small stones such as the DC3 or other small stones? I've heard of doing circles and "slices" from handle to point. What's best? Cheers, Asa.
  17. Asa Samuel

    Cheap blade blanks.

    Hi, My first knife is coming along nicely (if slowly, filing the handle my hand!) but I really fancy having a go at a full tang knife with scales and I was wondering where would be the place to get some cheaper blade blanks? Cheers, Asa.
  18. Asa Samuel

    Don't let anything hold you back!

    Well I've been making my first ever knife and came up against a few problems, the main one of which is that I don't have a long enough clamp to hold the knife together while I glue it, of course I could just buy a clamp but I'm not going to use it very much and being a student I don't really...
  19. Asa Samuel

    Most wind-resistant tarp setup?

    Hey everybody, I was just wondering if anybody has any thoughts on how to make a strong tarp set-up? I'm going to be bivi'ing on top of some cliffs in the near future and I want some extra protection against rain but as everywhere on the coast I'm expecting strong wind. I've got two...
  20. Asa Samuel

    Coleman C250 self sealing cartridge.

    Hi, I've just bought a Coleman C250 self sealing cartridge which now I'm home I realise it is the wrong type that I need so I would like to swap it for a cartridge of the same weight that is suitable for using on a Gelert blaze PZ micro gas stove. It is brand new but unfortunately I lost the...