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  1. Asa Samuel

    Army Surplus Goretex

    I just got one of these unissued on ebay from your advice and it's a great jacket. I'm 5' 11" and 40" chest so I went for the 180/100 size, and I probably could have gone a bit smaller - maybe a 170/96 if I could find it as there is plenty of room for layers underneath but I would prefer a...
  2. Asa Samuel

    Anybody used these stoves?

    Bloody 'ell this is an old thread! :lmao: Thanks for all the replies, I've since gotten myself an on-canister mini camping stove and that does me great.
  3. Asa Samuel

    Can you recommend me a small waterproof backpack?

    Well I haven't posted on here for a long time, in that time I've finished one course at college and am set to move on to uni next month and I've moved house twice! I hope everyone on here is doing well and you've all been having a nice time outdoors, indoors and wherever you are! Anyway, on with...
  4. Asa Samuel

    DC4 a bit rough! Advice needed please?

    As has been said, don't worry about it. The diamond side will feel very very coarse but will smooth out very quickly (easily on two knives, if not one) and the ceramic side will have curved bumps that run all the way down - a result of the way it is cut IIRC.
  5. Asa Samuel

    Share Your Good Vegetarian Recipes.

    I live with my vegetarian girlfriend so I know all about cooking for veggies :) Cooking round the campfire is a little different but I'll give you a few things to think about Chilli is fantastic - plenty of kidney beans and vegetarian mince if you fancy going the extra hog. Soups - leek and...
  6. Asa Samuel

    workshop + photography

    Looks nice and clean, what was the ISO?
  7. Asa Samuel

    Jumping into the world of biking!

    I can't speak for every brand but I have a Chinese bike made by Lexmoto. It's their 125 street model and there's only been two problems with it the 1.5 years I've had it. The throttle cable went but was cheap enough to fix and the front wring loom got flooded with water, but that was simple...
  8. Asa Samuel

    Any bikers here???

    Had a look at those gloves and they do look nice but I ain't got the cash for them at the mo so I'm going down into town at the weekend to have another look at the ones in trago. I'm really glad of the extra chain now that I'm parking it on the pavement - I don't live in a rough area but it's...
  9. Asa Samuel

    Jumping into the world of biking!

    Make sure you factor in protective gear to your budget. A helmet alone will cost you £80+ for a decent make, I managed to get my boots from aldi for about £20, gloves were £20 and the jacket and trousers I have cost £40-50 each and they were on a clearance sale. I'm not trying to put you off or...
  10. Asa Samuel

    Any bikers here???

    Well it's getting cold and wet again so I am thinking of getting a new pair of gloves. My current winter gloves just aren't waterproof. The pack said they were but anything more than 10 minutes in heavy rain and they get wetted out completely and take forever to dry. Has anyone tried these...
  11. Asa Samuel

    Who is your favorite James Bond actor?

    I actually really like Daniel Craig. Most people's argument against him is 'He's not swarve enough to be James Bond' but the films he has been in were some of Bond's first missions as a 00 agent, plus his first kill. I'm sure it would take a bit more than your first kill to be swarve at doing it...
  12. Asa Samuel

    Correct amount of meths to use in trangia burner?

    Pretty sure I've read instructions from Trangia themselves that say it should be about three quarters full when settled but I've always just gone for either how much I think I'll need or (if I have a seal-able lid with me) whatever is in there at the time from the last burn. Alongside...
  13. Asa Samuel

    Deceased Dolphin

    Did anybody ever nudge Jon towards this thread? I'm still really interested :)
  14. Asa Samuel

    after a SAK

    As has been said, all SAK are perfectly legal to carry around without good reason but still keep your wits about you. If you get caught in a scuffle the police are bound to be a bit suspicious at you carrying a knife and might try and argue that it was an offensive weapon. Don't carry it in...
  15. Asa Samuel

    Restless Leg Syndrome.

    Interesting, I get this thing - usually when I am tired or relaxing before bed and only when I am not moving - where the back of my knee REALLY itches/aches inside. It's not the skin and hence I cannot scratch it. The only thing that helps is really stretching out my leg or getting up and moving...
  16. Asa Samuel

    Meeting in car parks a bit Suss,

    Usually when we want to get curry delivered we have to meet them half way because we live so far away. We meet them at a petrol station roughly half way between. Thing is though, by that time the station is closed and all the lights off. Not to mention it's in the middle of nowhere. Perfect...
  17. Asa Samuel

    The ultimate bush crafters retreat !!

    That's really nice. How long would a wooden structure like that last?
  18. Asa Samuel

    anyone do a sharpening service ?

    Yep, longstrider is the man to go to. He has the same username on BCUK as on BB.
  19. Asa Samuel

    Sharpening a convex blade

    If mousemats and sandpaper aren't working for you, try giving your flat hones a go:
  20. Asa Samuel

    where can i get thick stropping leather sheet?

    A little on the thick side but it will work. Just be sure not to put too much pressure on. Less pressure, more strokes and you will be fine and should get some very nice slicey edges :)