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  1. troyka

    Easy pour over coffee for outdoors

    I have a thurmal mug cafetier thing that I use when camping like this paid about £5 in tkmax
  2. troyka

    Easy pour over coffee for outdoors

    I just saw this and thought I would share.
  3. troyka

    Guerrilla gardening

    Its good to still plant natives, just saying stable door is already open.
  4. troyka

    Unpleasant taste from my water bottle

    Older military style bottles are made of material that would not be considered foodgrade now and could possibly leach into the water. I store my bottles empty in the freezer which keeps them fresh.
  5. troyka

    Sixteen skills in 2016

    Just been reading the lesson index for bushclass. Good call. Looks very good I'm going to try for the basic this coming year.
  6. troyka

    Sixteen skills in 2016

    First aid. Real first aid not the first aid at work which is a joke to cover legal requirements.
  7. troyka

    Guerrilla gardening

    I think we are way past being able to protect against none native plants there isn't a time in our recorded history where we have not imported plants seeds and associated bugs.
  8. troyka

    Guerrilla gardening

    I've done a fair bit of guerrilla gardening in my time, mostly in urban areas and a few parks. I've planted fruit bushes from pound shops as well as seed bombing once planted I've mostly let them grow with no input and just enjoyed them till harvest. I've also planted in plain view and tended...
  9. troyka

    The Book of Camp-Lore and Woodcraft by Daniel Carter Beard

    Thanks for posting this just sent it to my kindle.
  10. troyka

    Heads up for Aldi torches

    If you want a cree t6 torch eBay I've just taken delivery of this for my brothers car, I've had a similar one for few years and its been...
  11. troyka

    Mozzarella and other curd cheeses...

    Whole raw milk from a cow not a shop. Go to a dairy farm and buy direct. Also check this story of a guy who made everything in a sandwich himself.
  12. troyka

    Seeds to sow...

    What's pignut, I've never heard of it?
  13. troyka

    Carving practice stick

    Fantastic thank you its just what I need.
  14. troyka

    Carving practice stick

    A long time ago I had a copy of a thing that showed carving on a stick so you could learn useful bushcraft cuts like a pot hasnger n other stuff. But I don't remember where it was from. anyone know of such a thing and where to get a copy? Thanks
  15. troyka

    some carvings

    Very nice work
  16. troyka

    Hello all from South Cornwall

    Hello and welcome from Pz
  17. troyka

    Leave no trace fail, or shoddy permission?

    Its quite possible someone lives in it. I saw something similar in weston-super-mare and a guy lived in it and worked in the town.
  18. troyka

    acorn processing

    I was interested to see on some TV show that someone made wood stain from acorn shells. Sadly it was only a passing comment so didn't find out any more.
  19. troyka

    Hammock for a heavy guy

    Hi I'm a big guy myself 6,3" and carry a few pounds, I gave up on the idea of a hammock and went for a tent. Ray mears may not like them but there is nothing wrong with a tent and comfortable bed roll.
  20. troyka

    Is it possible to survive as a vegetarian?

    It would depend on your knowledge of plants and fungi as well as other factors, location time of year ect. I would hope one could survive. As a vegetarian myself I'm interested in meat free bushcraft.