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    Sanitising Hydration Bladders

    When I used mine regularly I would just rinse it out thoroughly (occasionally using milton) and store it in the freezer. This saves having to dry it out all the time which is not easy to do properly. It was always nice and fresh and mold free but my sister in law (who is not too clever)...
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    My first experience sharpening

    If you have got a burr you are nearly there. Once you have the burr move to the next grit and do 20 strokes or so on each side and then move to the next grit. When you are finished with the finest grit, a quick strop and you are done.
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    Best knife steel for prying and toughness/hardness?

    I have really abused a number of O1 knives and never had a failure yet. I do not pry with them but have battoned through knots that caused the blade to bend significantly. This is hardened to about 61Rc, you could go 59 or 60 for even more toughness. I am not saying O1 is the toughest steel...
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    Lords Wood December 11~13 2020 work party CANCELLED

    Adding your name indicates you have read and agree to the guidelines in the opening post. copy and paste this please. 1. woodspirits 11~13 2. Diamond Dave. 12-13 3. Rumpole Stiltskin 12-13 4. pieinthesky 11 - 13 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
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    Lords Wood October 30th-1st November 2020

    Thanks to all for a great time yet again. I am calling the place Hollywood from now on :)
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    Lords Wood October 30th-1st November 2020

    By entering your name you indicate you have read the attached guidelines in the OP and will be free of any known Covid 19 symptoms on arrival, please copy and paste all of this text. !. Woodspirits 29~01 2. Oliver G 30~01 3. Diamond Dave 30~01 4. Hodge 28~01 5. pieinthesky 30 - 01
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    Makers advice please

    As long as you drill the holes in your scales accurately and the corbies go through the hole you will be fine. If it is a bit tight then just open up the hole with something abrasive in a drill. What you don't want is the holes not aligning and putting stress on the scales as you tighten...
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    LORDS WOOD *New Venue Inaugural Meet!* August 28~30th 2020

    1. Woodspirits 28~30 2. Preper days tbc 3. Diamond Dave 28 - 30 4. Rumpole Stitskin 28 - 30 5. Ollie G 28-30 6. MikeeMiracle 29-30 7. TinkyPete 28-30 tbc due to work and family 8. Pieinthesky + Hannah and possibly Mrs Pieinthesky. 28-30
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    Canoe touring advice needed.

    The more sheltered lochs on the Scottish west coast looked very appealing when we were up there in a motorhome a couple of years ago. The midges can be evil though. You can do out and back trips on most rivers providing the current is manageable, best to head upstream first. You can usually...
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    Bike recommendations

    If you are not actually going to do any loaded touring then an Audax bike would be a very good choice. My Audax bike does all sorts - family rides on traffic free trails (OK) Club Rides (OK in the winter, a bit slow in summer when everyone else is on carbon) Long distance/day rides (perfect)...
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    North Wood meet 24~26 July 2020

    Unfortunately I am not going to be able to make this one. Have a great weekend and see you all at Lords Wood.
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    Bike recommendations

    Gravel bikes are all the rage at the moment and would pretty much fit your requirements - except possibly the gearing. They mostly have double or single chainrings which may not give you the low gears - though you can get some monster rear cassettes these days. Bear in mind that they probably...
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    Wild Camping Issues

    I agree with what Ed the Ted says, a more open shelter can be better than being shut in. Nothing is as scary as the unknown.
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    North Wood Farewell Meet 26 -28 June 2020

    Yes, I was out at 08:30 - early these days. I would normally be up for an overnighter but am still trying to stay as isolated as possible (I work with the elderly mostly). Fist trip is likely to be with my daughter - some time soon - Yay I have never thought of Salcey, we were planning a...
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    North Wood Farewell Meet 26 -28 June 2020

    I have a few, remind me nearer the date Mike, unless you are heading to MK and you can pick it up on the way past. I am heading to Higham Ferrers in the morning, I can drop some off on the way back if you let me know your address. If I remember right you live in Wellingborough?
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    North Wood Farewell Meet 26 -28 June 2020

    I have some nodules of flint I think, will check tomorrow and let you know.
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    North Wood Farewell Meet 26 -28 June 2020

    1. Woodspirits 26 - 28 2. BJJJ 26-28 TBC 3. Preper 26-28 TBC 4. Diamond Dave 26 - 28 5. Hodge 26 - 28 6. Spud 26 - 28 7. TinkyPete 26-28 at the minute will see if I can get more time off 8. pieinthesky 26 - 28 family and plague permitting.
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    Hou canoes

    Hi Hodge I was in the same boat as you last year and did quite a bit of research. Also have been out and about a fair bit in the canoe we bought. The biggest factor we have found is weight, particularly if you are car topping and going solo. Our 16 ft Novacraft Pal weighs in at under 30 kg...
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    Catapult for Hunting

    I haven't a clue why. All I can say is from my reading around the internet, that is the impression I got and this was then confirmed, convincingly, by my own experience. Having said that, nothing is straight forward and maybe I had poor quality tubes or some other unknown factor was in play...
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    Catapult for Hunting

    I have a black widow type catapult that I have had and used occasionally for 40 years. I recently bought and then made my own catapult for flat bands. The flat bands are way way better than the tubes on my black widow, so much so that I now consider the black widow a waste of time. There are...