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  1. mentalnurse

    Middlewood scout camp

    Just a reminder for next weekend the 16th of July sat night only at Middlewood scout camp at Worsley near Manchester. Camping around the main fire circle I will be on site early sat morning if you could see me and sort fees £5 per person. Normal site rules including no dogs. Limited wood on...
  2. mentalnurse

    Wigan bushcraft group

    Hi some of you know me from here for many years as Well as GMBG i have a little group of my own based around wigan and the northwest. Wolfspaw bushcraft if you would like like more information email me on thanks carl/ mentalnurse.
  3. mentalnurse

    John millington fix blade

    I have a john millington fixed blade bushctaft knife o1 tool steel for sale or trade of a fixed blade Kbar or other bowie style knife. Looking for around £100 for sale or trade value. Very strong knife flat handle and sheath fits perfect in the pocket.
  4. mentalnurse

    Blanket over coat

    Made my self a wool blanket jacket after one of our B.M.B.G. meets.
  5. mentalnurse

    Shop warning.

    Just called in at mcavoys gun shop at standish. They let me in and even thou the shop was busy I looked around at the guns till the counter cleared. Then I stood at the counter for a good 10 mins while 2 of the sales staff chatted to customers while 3 others walked around behind the counter...
  6. mentalnurse

    Atherton air rifle range

    I found atherton air rifle range the other day its a good indoor range . open wed thu sat sun £5 to shoot. No membership fee. 50p for an air fill. Tea coffee etc there to. Basically the range is across one floor of one very very large mill in Atherton near Wigan and has 2x 10m pistol type...
  7. mentalnurse

    Gelert Vertigo DS 2 Tent

    I bought one of these today. Gelert Vertigo DS 2 Tent looked cool in the shop like the old school shape. Looking forward to giving it a run out. Has anyone used one?
  8. mentalnurse

    Middlewood 15/16 feb 2013

    The dates the 15th 16th feb 2013 Camp site web page. now the rules What follows is going to make the Meet (and site) seem to be very rule bound – in fact both are quite relaxed. These rules are there because we, as a group, and the...
  9. mentalnurse

    Middlewood feb 16th 2013

  10. mentalnurse

    Middlewood feb 16th 2013

    I am thinking of sorting a middlewood camp for the weekend of the 16th of feb would anyone be interested in it. Mentalnurse
  11. mentalnurse

    Esbit coffee maker

    I am looking for an esbit coffee maker. Can pick them up for around £25 to £30 but will put it out there to see if any one has one they want to pass on as second hand or trade for something. Thanks carl
  12. mentalnurse

    Pike fishing wigan

    Late notice but i am off pike fishing tomorrow 15th nov around the wigan area. Going to do a bit of spinning and dead baiting, any one interested send me a PM and we can sort out meeting up. carl
  13. mentalnurse

    Alaska parka N3B

    Just replaced the fur on my parka with some nice mink, roll on some cold weather now.
  14. mentalnurse

    New sheath

    Tonight i started on a new sheath this is for my own use so kept it nice and simple. template of the leather i would need. Cut and glued in to place hand stitched and wet formed. Will leave over night then finish the shape, cut the belt loops and stain. will post up the finished photos tomorrow.
  15. mentalnurse

    Pot hanger

    Bit of blacksmithing today made a pot hanger for this weeks camp.
  16. mentalnurse

    Redbull stratos free fall

    As it says above. Live on youtube right now, free fall from 23 miles up.....
  17. mentalnurse

    Tablet stylus

    Made myself a tablet / phone stylus today. Had a cheap plastic one i cut up and added it to a .38 special bullet casing, but of polish and all sorted. Something different as a talking point.
  18. mentalnurse

    Bear grylls US TV

    Might of been posted before just seen it on twitter.
  19. mentalnurse

    Blackberry Bold 9900

    For sale a BlackBerry Bold 9900 on O2. £195 10 months old, fully working in great condition , comes with charger,battery, memory card leather case. this will go on Ebay at 19.00 tonight. paypal and postage in the UK included in fee. sorry no trades.
  20. mentalnurse

    Bone buttons

    I am after 5 bone buttons 15mm in size. Dose anyone know where i can get them from?