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    Wanted Dan Cam B310 smock and a Spyderco Bushcrafter

    Hello, I love these smocks/knives. I am hoping for(PayPal or trade): Arktis Dan Cam B310 smock in L or XL. Arktis Olive B110 smock in XL. Arktis waterproof/breathable trousers 36-38 inch waist in olive or dan cam. Regular length. Or the...

    Wanted spyderco bushcrafter

    Hello, I have several sharpes like may of us. My favourite being my spyderco bushcrafter. It’s one of the seconds from several years back with the cracked curly birch handles. I would like a spare, so if you have one knocking about in a draw somewhere and you fancy a trade. I have lots of trade...

    Victorinox etc weekend sale

    I have just bought a Victorinox Farmer and a Victorinox classic SD for £30 delivered. I thought that was a reasonable price. They seem to have a weekend sale on various goodies, no affiliation, just a heads up...

    Arktis B310 smock wanted or trade

    Hello, I love these smocks and have several. I am hoping for(PayPal or trade): Arktis Olive B310 smock in XL (48-50inch chest). Arktis Dan Cam B310 smock in XL (48-50inch chest). Arktis breathable trousers 40-42 inch waist in olive or dan cam.

    Falkniven A2, Wolverine, Gransforth Axes, Rucksacks: OG Bergen, Karrimor, Arktis etc

    For sale to fund a new purchase :rolleyes: Prices include all fees and UK postage, PayPal prefered. Obviously Knives and Axes over 18's only. SOLD Falkniven A2 used but with several life times left in it, details here £50 Kellam Wolverine used but...

    Rucksacks and Camelbak for sale

    £25 each inc postage, Payment via PayPal please. 1. Olive green Cuillin 3 by Scottish Mountain Group. Well-used extremely rare to find ‘bombproof’ sack. Around 40L. 2. Red and grey Columbia GRT with Air Ventilation System. Pockets on lid and front. Integrated rain cover in base. Approx...

    Budget knives for sale

    £6 each! including postage. Payment via Paypal. Any questions just ask. Over 18's only. 1. 19cm long 3mm thick back up 'survival type' knife SOLD to jimp 2. 21.8cm long stainless steel diving/spear knife SOLD to dave53 3. 19cm long single bladed early Victoinox (Has a red cross on the handle...

    Falkniven F1 Zytel Sheath

    I have a right handed Zytel Sheath for an Falkniven F1 in good condition. Any one got a left handed one for a straight swop? PREPER......... :)

    Air Rifle wanted

    I'm looking for a spring powered air rifle with accessories. .22 right handed or ambidextrous stock. I have a few bits for trade Thanks I'm sorted now :)
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    Webtex Surviva Pure Water Purification

    Are the Webtex survival straws any good? I am thinking of getting one as a lightweight back up. I have a MSR mini works for a longer trips and I am also a millbank fan. but........... Opinions? PREPER............... :)
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    Fallkniven F1 wanted

    I have a fare bit of kit needing a home e.g. DPM Bergen with side pockets and yoke, OG bivvi bag, OG set of webbing, Snugpak reversable elite XXL jacket, DPM chest rig (new type), artic sleeping bag (new and old type), XXL clothing, crusader cup, camelbaks, bashas (DPM and OG), rucksacks, IPK's...
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    Puukko wolverine

    Hello, I have been using a Frosts Mora 740 'training knife' for a good few years and I have been very happy with it. I use it as a general all-purpose bushcraft knife. BUT these Puukko/Wolverine Kellam Knives keep catching my eye. :dunno: Any one got any experience of them? Where...