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  1. Midnitehound

    Tuesday's Auction for Drew's charity

    A big thank you to all those who contributed and participated. A generous £442 was raised for Drew's charity. Shelley has the money and will pass it on to the charity as usual.
  2. Midnitehound

    Phil (Chef) & Maggie's Wedding Invite

    Hi All, As many of you will be aware Maggie and I first met and then later got engaged (last year) at the Moot. We are busy with wedding preparations for this Tuesday (7th August). The wedding is going to be in a Chapel in Trowbridge as you can't get legally wed in the woods it seems, apart...
  3. Midnitehound

    Camp Shaky Bushcrafter/Prepper/Youtuber Christmas Meet, 8th-10th December

    This is a great weekend meet up in the Forest of Dean . It is a very chilled out event of about 100 (and growing) Youtubers, Bushcrafters and mild Preppers. There is a very good auction with loads of cool donated kit from makers and business etc. It is all very informal with no fixed...
  4. Midnitehound

    Laser etching/cutting machine ideas

    My mate next door has just bought a £40k laser etcher/cutter. It will burn pyrography style into wood, leather, enamel, plastic, metal, bone etc. It will also laser cut complex shapes through some materials, wood etc. My immediate thought was to burn something like the BushcraftUK symbol...
  5. Midnitehound

    Bargain U.S. Military Trioxane Fuel Bars (Fuel or Fire-starter) These should be sold for way more but I've wangled some for you guys at an absolutely bargain price. They are only available as surplus now. Read the reviews. Grab them quick, they won't be available...
  6. Midnitehound

    What Knot aka Super Rope Cinch

    I should be able to wangle these for £4 each as I know the UK/European sole distributor. Normally £6 ish + P&P. P&P will be £3.50-£3.80 depending on box size and up to 2kg. Can combine for GBs. 1. MNH x6 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  7. Midnitehound

    Milspec Cyalumes

    As per link: Normally £1+ per cyalume. The 12hr milspec cyalumes still glow 3 days after activation. P&P £3.80 for up to 6 boxes. Share...
  8. Midnitehound

    BCB Firedragon gel tablets and stove

    These are the new 6x pack ethanol gel fuel tablets and folding stove by BCB, as now used by the military and outdoor enthusiasts . As per this link: Ours for £1 a...
  9. Midnitehound

    Matt Green Cloth Sniper Tape, 50mx50mm roll

    As per this link: This is normally retailing at £9-10 a roll. We've been offered it at only £2.50 a roll and there is a pallet of it! Top...
  10. Midnitehound

    24hr Ration Packs - Group Buy Bargain!

    Yep, it is that time of year again. As we are now approaching Moot time I asked about the usual ration packs and was told there are some available at a shockingly good price. They are, wait for it, only £70 delivered if we grab a load! We paid £92 before! Part of that is that I've managed to...
  11. Midnitehound

    A box of 10x 24hr Ration Packs

    I was going to use these myself but it doesn't look like I'll have time to get out and about. They are in date and excellent as anyone who has used them can attest. £70 for the 10box including the courier, bargain! BACS preferred as I don't really want PP fees. I'm unlikely to see posts on...
  12. Midnitehound

    13mm or less climbing rope for Moot?

    If anyone has some rated climbing rope or strong rope 13mm or less, retired or otherwise then we could have some non-damaging fun with it. We won't be climbing as such but then again we certainly won't want cheapo dodgy stuff that can break either. Looking for ball park 50 metres. PM me if you...
  13. Midnitehound

    A few standard 4kKcal 24hr Ration Packs

    I still have an outer box + a few of yummy in date ration packs that can be split and posted individually or as a batch. They are a £8 each. They need to go to some good homes as I will probably only use 2 or 3 this year. There may be a few full outer boxes available for a July pre-moot GB but...
  14. Midnitehound

    Darn it, I want a pair of these socks! Well we seem to have GBs down pat for buying Dyneema, all we need now is someone good at knitting toe socks with a BCUK leaf design. :buttkick: Looks like the kickstarter campaign was extremely successful.
  15. Midnitehound

    Camp Shaky Xmas Gathering 2016 Forest of Dean - Bushcrafters, Preppers, Youtubers

    I've been to this for the last two years. Good fun and a friendly welcoming crowd. Attendance is 90 bods and growing. A new woodier venue is planned for this year.
  16. Midnitehound

    24hr Ration Packs - Summer Bargain GB

    I have just been told that unfortunately the price of these is being forced up for small ad hoc acquisition amounts, it can only be maintained for group buy amounts of 15+ outers (10 day packs). I'm therefore offering to do one group buy order going into Summer and coming up to the Moot in...
  17. Midnitehound

    Cheap 24 Hour Ration Packs

    I have some spare 4k cal 24 hour ration packs that I'm tripping over at the moment having got a load in for some Scouts etc.a few weeks ago. I've usually done them as a bulk group buy but these are just spares. They are all different, well dated and very good. Can't say I want to be chomping...
  18. Midnitehound

    Camp Shaky Christmas Gathering - last day to book

    The first one was held last year, I went and it was very good. Today is the last day to book so myself et al are signing up.
  19. Midnitehound

    Camp Shaky Christmas Gathering - last day to book

    The first one was held last year, I went and it was very good. Today is the last day to book so myself et al are signing up.
  20. Midnitehound

    Naughty Corner Theme 2015 and dates

    Just a reminder that the NC theme for dress and behaviour this year is Monty Python. Please do your due diligence and research. Skits welcome. Knowing the words to 'I'm a Lumber Jack' obligatory. Party night will be Saturday and possibly again...