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  1. Greg

    Does HWD contaminate the Water Course it grows in?

    Looking for some advice reference Hemlock Water Dropwort (HWD) Does HWD contaminate the water course it is growing in? Would the water be safe to be collected for consumption.
  2. Greg

    Dr Lee Raye.. Bushcraft Instructor???

    Made an enquiry earlier for a bushcraft course.. I was told it was being run by a certain Dr Lee Raye. There is no doubt the Dr (Non-Binary individual) is a genuine Educator / University Lecturer, but have any of you heard of him in Bushcraft Circles and is he known as a Bushcraft Instructor??
  3. Greg

    Chilling in the wood..

    A few hours in my woods.. Mental wellbeing in the chaos of this pandemic.. A bit of graft building a wood log store and filling it, a good brew of Filter Coffee and a hot fire to warm the chilled bones.. Happy days
  4. Greg

    Bushcraft USA Basic Bush Class lessons

    Hello there, This morning I completed my final outing with a 24hr over nighter in John Fenna's woods, and with it the final step of my Basic Bush Class Requirements. Please find attached the links to each tasking that I have put forward. Basic Bush Class Tasks Feather Sticks & Shavings...
  5. Greg

    Lest We Forget...

    At the going down of the Sun, And in the Morning, We Shall Remember Them..
  6. Greg

    Hobo Fishing Kit

    Made myself a Hobo Fishing Kit.. Another first for me and another task for the Bushcraft USA - Bush Class. Very satisfying making new stuff.. I do need a few more hooks and and couple of line weights which I will get from the Tackle Shop after lockdown... But looking forward to giving it a go...
  7. Greg

    Bucksaw.. First Attempt

    Thought I'd practice this as it's a requirement for one of the tasks on the Bushcraft USA - Bush Class. Never made one before so I did a bit of serious study & research at the University of YouTube ;) Thanks for looking.
  8. Greg

    False Death Cap, Common Lactarius & Shaggy Scaly Caps???

    Any ideas Ladies & Gents?
  9. Greg

    New Shiny has arrived..

    My new shiny Stewart Marsh knife has arrived and she's a beauty.. Can't wait to start using it :cool:
  10. Greg

    Wood Sage???

    Can someone please confirm if this plant is Wood Sage / Woodland Germander..
  11. Greg

    Gryphon Yoemanry Volunteers need you..!!

    Well I have been and met the guys from the Gryphon Yoemanry Volunteers... They aren't Walts and they have exacting standards and reasons for being in uniform.. But I did persuade them that if they want to recruit new members, such as people from this community, then they would need to relax the...
  12. Greg

    Tree ID please

    I came across this tree yesterday, I think it's a type of chestnut but not sure? Does anyone know what it is and is it edible?
  13. Greg

    Supernatural & Horror Paintings for sale... Not Bushcraft

    If any of you are Supernatural or Horror fans.. I have painted an assortment of 22 Supernatural & Horror themed paintings for halloween which are currently hanging in an art exhibition. All are for sale with 30% of sales going to a Veterans Charity...
  14. Greg

    Johnny Crockett's Survival School

    Just signed up to go to Scotland for a week next April to attend a Level 3 Applied Wilderness Skills Qualification course at Johnny Crockett's Survival School... Anyone here been on that course?
  15. Greg

    Looking for a good pair of work trousers..

    Hello all I am looking for advice on a good solid pair of forest work trousers but I don't want to pay through the roof.. Budget in the region £50 - £100. I typed Fjallraven Forest trousers into Google and almost choked when I saw the astronomical price they were asking for their trousers. How...
  16. Greg

    Oak Bracket Fungus

    I was just out and about by Manchester Airport and noticed a load of the usual various edibles, Blackberries, Raspberry plants(although no berries now), Hazelnuts, Rowen Berries, Apples & Dog Rose.. Also a lot of Rosebay Willow Herb. But on the way back to the car I found a fine example of Oak...
  17. Greg

    Norfolk...beach full of flint !!

    Just got back from a week in Norfolk...whilst there I came across a beach practically made of flint..amazing!! I picked up a small piece for my good friend John Fenna.
  18. Greg

    Fungus Question??

    I have never claimed to know a lot about Fungi so I am wondering if anyone knows what this one is and does it have any uses? Also any ideas what these ones are? Thanks
  19. Greg

    Days gone by....60 miler charity walk for the Lockerbie Air Disaster

    Many moons ago when I was just 16yrs old, my class mates and life time friends went for a 60 mile jaunt to raise money for the victims & families of the Lockerbie Air Disaster. One of my friends just posted these photos on FB and I thought I'd share our achievement....Oh and I was also wearing...
  20. Greg

    Casström Lars Fält Knife ...??

    Does anyone have one of these knives or any experience using one. Are they any good?