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  1. morch

    Bell Tent - 8/10 man

    Selling my Bell Tent as don't have use for it any more. It is about 3 years old and is in a good used condition with no tears or holes and no leaks what so ever. It has the sewn in ground sheet and is simple to put up with only the one centre pole. Also has the inner bedroom compartment...
  2. morch

    Just to say thanks for the welcome

    Well i'm moving back to England. My mum had a stroke a few years ago and my dad is really finding it hard to look after her so i've dcided to move back to the north east to give him a hand, least i can do really considering everything they've done for me. So i'd just like to say thanks (i know...
  3. morch

    15' Apache Canoe

    For sale is Nathan's 15' Apache Canoe in the go-faster Green colour. Usual scrape marks on bottom from launching etc. There is a 'dink' on one end which was there when the canoe was bought and is repairable via a kit from the manufacturer, i just never got round to it. This doesn't affect the...
  4. morch


    Are there any members in Darlington? Dave
  5. morch

    RIP Gary Speed

    A great loss to football and sport in general. A really nice guy. Thoughts are with his family and friends. Dave
  6. morch

    Possible New Treatment against Tick Bites

    Looks interesting, even if it is a while off yet : Dave
  7. morch

    Last Night's View from Garden

    Nathan was messing about with his camera early last night and took a few pics of the view from our back door. Not bad pics from a point and shoot, well I like them anyway so thought I'd share a couple [/IMG] [/IMG] Hope you like em Dave
  8. morch

    This drummer is at the wrong gig

    Nathan sent me this clip a couple of days ago and it cracked me up, so i'd thought i'd share it with you lot. Great (because of the drummer) version of ZZ Top's Sharp Dressed Man.Just keep an eye on the drummer: Dave
  9. morch

    Nathan's Birthday Meet

    Nathan is 20 on 20th October, and to celebrate, we thought about a wee get together, say 21st, 22nd and 23rd October. Wee were thinking of Glen Trool? Unless anyone has any better locations nearby. Please post if you'd be interested in coming along for the weekend. Many thanks Dave
  10. morch

    R.I.P. Wouter Weylandt

    A sad day for cycling and the Giro d'Italia. The Leopard-Trek rider Wouter Weylandt died in today's stage, leaving behind a wife expecting their first child in September. To quote Robbie Hunter: 'Moments like these are so f*&*%d!! Thought and prayers to his family! Makes u realize how we...
  11. morch


    Congrats to Southey for winning the Paul Kirtley competition Dave
  12. morch

    First Tick Bite

    About 10.30 last night I was sat watching the TV when I thought that my ankle was a little itchy. I had a quick look and was shocked to see an engorged tick :yikes: about 5 mm round, about 4'' above the ankle bone, about wear the top of your sock would be. Removed with a sterilised pair of...
  13. morch

    FS Kelly Kettles

    Firstly is a 0.9 pt Aluminium Kelly Kettle. It has been used and therefore shows signs of wear (a couple of small dents, charring of the chimney) but it still perfect in use. NOW SOLD Secondly is a 2.5 pt Aluminium Kelly Kettle. As above, this has been used and therefore shows signs of...
  14. morch

    FAO Puddock

    Dan, inbox is full mate Dave
  15. morch

    Archery - Recurve Set for sale

    I have the following which doesn't get the use it deserves: Quick’s Recurve Bow - length 66” – Draw weight of 34lbs at 28”, 2 Finger Guards (Tabs), Button, Sights, Bow stand, 1 set of alloy arrows, 2 sets of wooden arrows, Set of fletchings, Arm guard, Stringer, 2...
  16. morch

    3 man tent

    Or should I say 2 man and a dog :rolleyes: Can any one recommend a 3 man tent, with a useful porch area for gear. The bell tent is just too big and too heavy to take any where unless you've got the car. Many thanks Dave
  17. morch

    MSR Pocket Rocket Stove

    After seeing them (or similar, can't remember exactly which make etc) in use at the weekend, been looking at the MSR Pocket Rocket Stove. Any one got any thoughts about them? Quality? Worth the money? Don't want to spend more than £25 Cheers Dave
  18. morch

    Cast Iron Pots

    I've just discovered that our Potjie (dutch oven) has been put away in the shed and is in a bit of a state. It has a lot of surface rust and is 'scummy' in the inside :o Whats the best way to clean it and treat it so it doesn't happen again? Oh and i don't need to be told to clean it and...
  19. morch

    Ray Mears Bushcraft Survival Series 1 & 2

    Any one of a cheap source for these DVD's Thanks Dave
  20. morch

    Knife for Bergan type of pack

    I have available for swap a knife made by Simon Gee. It is a Bushcraft model, the blade is 440c Stainless, with Arazona Desert Ironwood scales, red liners and Stainless pins. I'm looking for a large-ish Bergan type of pack, complete with side pouches. Dave