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  1. morch

    Stuart69 - RIP

    Absoloutely stunned. Thoughts go to his friends and family. You take care Josh bud, i'm thinking of you. Dave
  2. morch

    Paul Kirtley at Rough Close (May 2012, picture based)

    Sounds like a fantastic weekend Dave
  3. morch

    Got send this today, worth passing on

    Enjoyed that bud, thanks for sharing Dave
  4. morch

    Happy birthday Warthog1981

    All the best Russ Dave
  5. morch

    Happy Birthday JAG009

    Happy birthday Jason, hope you had a good un bud Dave
  6. morch


    Congratulations to you both Dave
  7. morch

    Loch Fyne

    Looks like another great trip and fabulous photos as usual mate Dave
  8. morch

    Rough Close March 2012 (PICTURE HEAVY)

    Great pics of what looks like a fantastic weekend Dave
  9. morch

    Galloway forest overnighter

    Like it bud, looks like a good weekend Dave
  10. morch

    Bell Tent - 8/10 man

    Now spf Thanks to everyone who replied Dave
  11. morch

    Bell Tent - 8/10 man

    Yea i know Gaz and i've thought and thought about it, but i'll never use it so someone might as well have good use out of what is a great tent. Hope you're keeping well mate Dave
  12. morch

    Bell Tent - 8/10 man

    Of course you can Simon Dave
  13. morch

    Bell Tent - 8/10 man

    All pm's replied to. Someone has first dibs on this till later tonight, i'll post again when i hear further from him. Dave
  14. morch

    Bell Tent - 8/10 man

    Selling my Bell Tent as don't have use for it any more. It is about 3 years old and is in a good used condition with no tears or holes and no leaks what so ever. It has the sewn in ground sheet and is simple to put up with only the one centre pole. Also has the inner bedroom compartment...
  15. morch

    Just to say thanks for the welcome

    Well i'm moving back to England. My mum had a stroke a few years ago and my dad is really finding it hard to look after her so i've dcided to move back to the north east to give him a hand, least i can do really considering everything they've done for me. So i'd just like to say thanks (i know...
  16. morch

    Greetings "From the land of the Morning Calm"

    Hi Swamper and welcome aboard Dave
  17. morch

    Happy birthday StJon

    All the best Jon, hope you had a good one Dave
  18. morch

    Transport solution needed, any help massively appreciated

    A gentle Tuesday bump......... Any help would be great Dave
  19. morch

    Bushcraft skill share part deux

    It would really be brilliant if someone could help out here as i don't have the means to transport the canoe anymore. You'd be doing both Stu and me a real favour and i guess i'd also be able to help a little with the fuel costs too (although there is no way i could 'knock a blade up', but i...
  20. morch

    Transport solution needed, any help massively appreciated

    Hell Stu those conditions don't look good for driving in mate. And i agree, sooner or later the decision needed to be made to head off home, especially with weather like that. Just sods law that you were so close and we were unable to contact each other. And ain't it typical hat you head off...