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    FAO Spandit

    Clear some inbox space please chap :)
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    Pure Easy Water Filter

    As per the link here: Very good bit of kit, and has had little use by me, probably 5 gallons at most. Open to suggestions, but I do like torches and I do...
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    Plce belt/pouches

    Doing this one for a friend who is getting into this hobby years after leaving the service, but who isn't into computers at all. He is looking for a PLCE belt and a couple of water bottle pouches to store kit in. Genuine kit only please, not repro like Mil-tec, webtex etc. In trade, Millbank...
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    Millbank Bags

    Just a quick heads up, as I know a lot of people are still looking for these. They are on Ebay again, at the stonking price of £6 BIN plus postage. Considering I've seen these go for £15-£20 and up at auction, might be worth getting a quick grab by some on here who need it. No connection to...
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    Hi From Lanarkshire, Scotland

    Hi everyone, just wanted to say hello. I'm up in Lanarkshire, and happily we have some excellent woods and desolate areas up around these parts. I'm reasonably experienced in hacking around out of doors, although no where near the same league as a lot of the posters on this site, and happy to...