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  1. J

    Blast furnace.

    I remember reading many years ago (60s?), that Chinese rural regions were being encouraged to produce their own iron from locally available materials. This was because iron ore, limestone and charcoal/coal were often locally available and the cast iron produced was sufficient for many purposes...
  2. J

    Arkansas Stones?

    Why do I never see Arkansas stones mentioned for sharpening? Woodcarvers use them a lot for sharpening their chisels and gouges. Jim
  3. J

    Stove tests.

    I have a few camping stoves and having too much curiosity and time on my hands, decided to do some semi-scientific heating tests on some of them. I don't find the popular 'takes x minutes to boil 1 litre of water from 17 degrees C' sort of measurement very helpful, and decided to use a...
  4. J

    Ridgerest in the Antarctic.

    I see in this Week's Radio Times a picture of the kit James Cracknell and Ben Fogle used for their Antarctic trip. For sleeping on they used a Ridgerest, plus another foam mat. I use a Ridgerest and prefer it to the inflatable mats I have. The only problem I've found with it is that in cold...
  5. J

    James Cracknel and Ben Fogel Clothing?

    Did anyone catch what they were wearing for their race to the South Pole? Jim
  6. J

    Free Tipi book.

    Some years ago I was given a paperback book on the Tipi by an American anthropologist. I'll never get round to making one, but it might be of interest to someone on this forum. It's: 'The Indian Tipi - it's History, Construction and Use' by Reginald and Gladys Laubin. ISBN...
  7. J

    Indian Warbow

    I was browsing through my copy of 'The Book of Woodcraft' by Ernest Thomson Seton, and came across this concerning a 'serious' bow. As there are bow enthusiast on this forum I'm posting the text (but not the accompanying illustration): "The Warbow of the Penobscots This warbow (Tong-bi) is...
  8. J

    Cheap diamond sharpening 'pen'.

    Just spotted this on the Lidl site: Looks quite nifty - if I find myself near a Lidls I may sport the £1.99 for one! (I guess the 'blade' retracts into the body). Jim
  9. J


    I've had about 4 platypuses of various sizes and now gone back to a wide necked polycarbonate or Sig bottle. All the Platypuses leaked from a split after a season or so - not nice when it's in with your kit! I also didn't like the way it was difficult to fill from a burn.Instead of just...
  10. J

    Torch at 7dayshop I have a weakness for torches and this one looks good - but I won't be getting it as it's still a bit pricey. Jim
  11. J

    How do you carry it all?

    I haven't been on this site for long, but what's struck me is the sheer volume and weight of gear that's often discussed! How do you blokes carry it all - mules, 4x4 - or are you 'back garden bushcrafters'? Jim
  12. J

    Stove from Dog Food Can.

    I posted this some time ago on the Bushcraft forum, on the 'Wild about Britain' site. It may be of interest here. I'll post the link, rather than type it all out here and post the images. It should be viewable by non-registered user of WAB, but if there are problems, I'll post it on this...
  13. J

    Cheap L.E.D. Torches!

    I simply had to register to inform you about what may be the best £1.99 you've ever spent! They take just one AAA and have built-in electronics to hike the 1.5V up to the 3+ that the very bright white L.E.D...