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    To Hot

    Five or six years ago in Bucharest, Romania there were 22 - 25 degress in May, now we have 29 - 30 degrees in the same month. I can help wonder what temperatures we will have in 5 years. And this is just my country, what will it happen with Africa, Australia, Antartica ? The world around us...
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    In Romania

    This is a website from UK but allot of people here are not from there. I was just curious is there anyone here from Romania ??
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    Hello, My name is Alexandru and I am from Romania, Bucharest, I am 22 years old. My country has beautiful mountains that I am visitig for the last 5 years but only for trekking, hicking. I am new to bushcraft and I want to learn. Thear a lot of good places here to bushcraft. Thanks for a...
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    Roselli or Helle

    I want to buy a new knife ... my budget is around 50 pounds in my country (Romania) I can buy a Roselli Hunting knife, Helle Eggen or a Helle Fjellbekk What do you think ? I am sorry for my pour english