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    Roof Tents - iKamper

    Broch makes a good series of points. For me the disco is a 4th car, purely a toy, and that's the only way the extra drag of the rack makes sense. It's permanently stocked with all my lad and my camping gear so we can just fire up and go. Setting the awning up takes literally 5 minutes...
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    Roof Tents - iKamper

    It's the 3 man roof tent with annexe. I think it's still listed on eBay.
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    Roof Tents - iKamper

    Mine was £1400 including roof rack for the top of my discovery. Got it from Direct 4x4. It's been great and held up to some torrential (unscheduled!) rain. Cant fault it at all for the money and it came with mattress etc. I've put 5v led lighting in it for night time. I'm not sure what going...
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    Wanted - Black Diamond Down Throw

    They are on eBay just now. Uk seller. Under £40 delivered. I got mine from there and I use it a lot when chilling in the woods.
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    Hello from sunny San Diego

    I'm very jealous; San Diego is one of our family's favourite cities. We go over twice a year and the kids love it. You can drop me some clues on good outdoors places for when I go back across! Welcome :)
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    HELP! Dog Separation Anxiety

    I had the same with my yorkie puppy. The puppy won:lmao:
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    Barely legal EDC?

    Do you somehow struggle to process the fact that I replied means I entered a discussion? I even expanded on my reason. As for your assertation on my character ref. should I have chosen a Police career, I'll instead leave my impressions upon your character which are formed based upon your...
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    into the wild

    The true backstory when you research it as I did some years ago is that of a spoilt, arrogant and deeply immature young man who thought he knew better than every expert and paid the price. However, some good photogenics and a Hollywood smile combined with some romantic notion of wealthy city...
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    small dagger

    Thats beautiful. It rrminds me of a skhian dhu knife, and that's a good thing.
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    Barely legal EDC?

    As I said it's my opinion and I don't feel the need to expansively detail why nor justify the same. All I'll say is this: it looks like the sort of thing someone with a 'Taliban Hunting Club' t-shirt and a zombie patch on his daysack would carry. Ironically when I bump into those types in the...
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    Barely legal EDC?

    It might be legal but I wouldn't carry it. It sends quite the message about the owner. I would say, and I'm being generous here, that it's within the letter of the law but not the spirit of the law.
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    BCB Firedragon gel tablets and stove

    1. 10 fuel packs. The Cumbrian p 2. pauljm116 10xfuel 1xstove 3. Grotzilla 10xfuel 1x stove 4. The Lord Poncho - 6x Fuel packs, 1x stove 5. garyc - 10x Fuel packs, 1x Stove 6. ScottE - 10 x Fuel Packs, 1 x Stove 7. bob_the_baker - 10 x fuel Packs 8. Scoman - 10 x fuel packs 9. Tim_B - 10x fuel...
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    Suggestions for cheap, maintainable, road car/small van

    You can buy abs rings separately. I've changed several, including on my own car, a volvo.
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    Bargain U.S. Military Trioxane Fuel Bars (Fuel or Fire-starter)

    1. MNH 150 boxes 2. Rob 250 boxes 3. Neil 50 boxes 4. kimba 34 boxes 5. Slasha9 17 boxes 6. Highbinder 10 boxes 7. Green Arrow 17 boxes 8. dnarcher 17 boxes 9. Tim_B 17 boxes. (Please combine with my other GB) 10. Nice65 17 boxes  11. Vinnyp68 50 boxes please 12. Jamie 32 10xboxes 13...
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    recommend me a water filter with carbon element

    First need xl. I was in africa late last year and a month ago and used that and the lifesaver bottle (now that they have sorted the bankruptcy and quality issue out) exclusively from some properly dodgy water sources and was fine, the water tasted great as well. Condisering one water source...
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    useful kit you can take on aircraft in hand luggage?

    No I don't, thankfully. I'm a UK citizen with an EASA ATPL, not an FAA licence.
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    useful kit you can take on aircraft in hand luggage?

    As a professional pilot, all i can say after reading this thread is thanks for the laughs :You_Rock_ I mean that with no hint of irony or sarcasm.
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    Another new member - Glasgow area

    That's grim about the knife. Cars can be replaced but knives are a different story.
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    Hi from Scotland

    Welcome mate, from another in the same Parish.
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    Unexpected visitor.

    Beautiful animal. Thank you for taking the time to post the pictures and tell the tale.