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  1. J

    Fixing Dislocations

    Ermm, how would you do that then to yourself - don't you need both hands to put it back? It needs quite a bit of strength. Two female nurses didn't have the combined strength to put my little finger back when I dislocated it. They had to call in a male nurse with big hairy arms! Jim
  2. J

    Panel wipe

    Check the tin to make sure it says 'petroleum naptha'. Jim
  3. J

    When interests collide...(picc heavy)

    It's usually sawfly larvae that go for redcurrants and gooseberries. Jim
  4. J

    When interests collide...(picc heavy)

    No it's 'frass' or poo. The eggs are much smaller and IIRC a light yellow. Jim
  5. J

    Mushroom ID please..........

    IMO wild mushrooms are not worth bothering with for eating. They have little nutritional value and the penalty for making a mistaken identification can be very severe. They're also often seething with maggots! Last year a S.E. Asian woman on the I.O.W. died as a result of eating death cap...
  6. J

    Traditional fishing in Transylvania

    They called it 'guddling' where my Father's side of the family came from in Scotland. BTW, I wouldn't like to rely on Tas's skills in fish catching to keep me alive in the wilderness! ;^) Jim
  7. J

    Concerns about safety of Deet?

    Stops the embarassment of having you clothes eaten, then! Jim
  8. J

    Self defense, ASP & law??

    Ermm, pointed out a truth? Jim
  9. J

    Bigger firesteel?

    I like the "6/16" and "4/16" sizes! Jim
  10. J

    Disability and behavior of members

    24 me. Do I still need to keep taking the tablets? ;^) Jim
  11. J

    My first bushcrafting....

    Yes, but it needs to go in the ground such that it's at right angles to the line it's securing. Jim
  12. J

    Self defense, ASP & law??

    Before my daughter started a family, she was a 4th dan Aikido black belt in the women's national squad. She used to try pressure points on me and say "Can you feel that, Dad?" I used to tough it out and reply "No, have you started then?". I never let on, and several times had painful arms for...
  13. J

    What's on your porridge?

    I put my porridge in sandwiches! Jim
  14. J

    Blast furnace.

    Ah yes. I remember near Grassington in Yorkshire there were long tunnels built up the hillside as chimneys for lead smelting. Jim
  15. J

    Self defense, ASP & law??

    Yes, because of the ineffectiveness of the police, criminals are by default 'allowed' (in the sense of not being prevented) to arm themselves, but the public not! Jim
  16. J

    Self defense, ASP & law??

    And hold it behind the head. That way it's not so easy for it to slide or be pulled out of your hand! Jim
  17. J

    Blast furnace.

    I remember reading many years ago (60s?), that Chinese rural regions were being encouraged to produce their own iron from locally available materials. This was because iron ore, limestone and charcoal/coal were often locally available and the cast iron produced was sufficient for many purposes...
  18. J

    Which 12g Cartridge?

    Bore - it's 'bore' in the U.K. 'g' or 'gauge' in the U.S.! ;^) Jim
  19. J

    Self defense, ASP & law??

    Many years ago I knew someone that had a nice elegant sharkskin covered walking stick. It was made of solid steel and was very heavy! For years the constant appeal by the public for more police on the streets has been ignored. Is it because the police now consider the streets to be too...
  20. J

    New Ray Mears series!

    Don't forget a flannel - it's down my chin as well! ;^) Jim