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    What did you buy today?

    100ft of 550 Paracord.
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    Knot Booklet

    Great booklet, just one small suggestion, make a more compact version, like an A5 paper, and try to put one knot per page, no more instructions, just diagrams and safety notes. I think it will be usefull in the field for the beginner
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    Dave's Insanity Sauce

    wooow .. I think I would like that :D
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    Fire Piston Competition

    I've just sent my answers :)
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    To Hot

    Hi, there is no problem with the translation :) I also think that bushcraft is a part of the solution but it's hard to get family and friends interested in bushcraft. When I ask my wife if she wants to get out there with me, she will ask at what hotel will we stay or what if it rains .... and...
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    luxury comfort items

    I would have to go with Wayland here and say Time, but if you have time, and stay out there for about a week or so .. I would take my solar shower .... I love to take a shower before i get in my hammock
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    To Hot

    Five or six years ago in Bucharest, Romania there were 22 - 25 degress in May, now we have 29 - 30 degrees in the same month. I can help wonder what temperatures we will have in 5 years. And this is just my country, what will it happen with Africa, Australia, Antartica ? The world around us...
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    In Romania

    thanks for the article, looks like Alex78 and me are the first ones
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    cheap hammock mat is it warm enough

    It depends on the person. I can stay at 15 degres Celcius in just my t-shirt and trousers and I am pretty warm, one of my friends at that temperature he needs a sweter and a hat. So in my opinion you are the only one who could know if it's warm enouth, so try it :)
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    lots of leather

    what will you try ?? watch straps or you will try to sell them ? :D
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    In Romania

    nobody here from Romania ? :(
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    lots of leather

    watch straps .. or .. sell them
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    In Romania

    there are national parks, rezervations where you can put you're tent, hammock without permision. The big problem is with fire. It is illegal to open a fire in the woods, the only places where you can make a fire are premade fireplaces.
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    In Romania

    Bushcraft is still a new notion in Romania. We are traying to build a forum in romanian but we are just begining. I am new to bushcrat also, I am doing hicks for a couple of years, camping on the mountains but no DIY or tracking. The bushcraft comunity in...
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    In Romania

    This is a website from UK but allot of people here are not from there. I was just curious is there anyone here from Romania ??
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    What size is your pack?

    this 30L backpack I can put in him everithing I need for a weekend in nature :P:) (not for a winter weekend)
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    What bushcraft stuff have you done this week?

    I am making a hobo stove :)
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    Roselli or Helle

    I am the proud owner of a brand new razor sharp :P helle eggen The Rosseli Hunting Knive it's a verry good knife . but in the end it waz a matter of feeling The Helle egger fells like it was made for me :) Thank you!
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    Non expensive kit

    That’s my kit: Trousers – 20 euros (army syrplus shop) Boots – 20 euros (from the factory shop) Wool Socks – pack of 3 – 2 euros (from the local market) Shirt (made from 70% polyester & 30 % cotton) – 4 to 5 euros (from the local market) T-shirt (made from cotton) – pack of 3 – 3 to 4...
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    it's a beutiful country with a lot of stupid people :) alot of people go to the mountains . to hick and ofcourse they don't now (or don't want, don't care) how to maintain this mountains clean. ofcourse our local outorities don't do much either, the only hope comes from non profit and non...