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    Mountaineer smock

    Just finished making this, was a project sat on the back burner for some time, still some final touch's to do but it is now usable. Its made from a wool mix cloth, sorry the pic's are not so good, my nice camera is dead. Enjoy!
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    USAF pilot knife restoration

    As it came with just a once over with acid Lot of work to flatten and even up the blade, bevels I also make as flat and even as poss then finish with a micro edge. guard and pommel I have only cleaned up a little and same with the handle, too clean and you lose the roughness of its...
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    Looking for a .25 air rifle

    Would like a sub 12fpbs .25 brake barrel rifle, a carbine would be best but not a must also non handed as I like to shoot from both sides but its also not a must, so WHY and what would you like?
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    Hound Tor route

    Not bush craft but a nice way to feel in tune with nature. After a half days climbing took a hike out to Hay Tor
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    Mountaineer smock

    Well I have been working on this, and now the main body is near finished I thought I may as well present how far I have got, Its in a mainly wool mix and quite thick, I'm thinking of giving it an old world look with toggles and lacing.
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    Hound Tor climb an scramble

    Car brunching Me an Sammi top of the "slabs" The view Are next stop Kind of windy up here! Myself looking weird! A nice day of scrambling and short climbs, Sammi was very pleased with her self, and so she should be, she's not done this before and was very brave and is not a bad...
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    Out to crook again

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    crook peak

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    Tor hike an scramble

    Starting from Hound tor at 10 'O' clock (its a 2 hour drive from home) Breakfast at becka brook approach Starting the scramble Great view from the summit, should of taken pic's of us mid scramble, but was kind of busy and sweaty and had my hands full with making sure we both got up ok...
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    4 pounder to 2lb carving axe

    Old to new! a fair bit more refinement and then a good edge and haft, I'm a south paw so was thinking a back edge of 5 deg with a facing edge of 30 deg
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    4 pounder axe

    The head was a gift its AFAIK a vintage spear & Jackson, as you can see I'm making a custom haft
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    Jacket an poncho trade!

    58 pat poncho, inner waterproof coating not the best but a water repellent will sort this main shell, stitching popper and eyes all good trade value £20 US (nomex) cold weather jacket (XL) in excellent order banding and cuffs all good as is shell and liner zips etc only one pocket the liner...
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    Danner boots

    Kind of like the mountain light's, but know little of the company, they look first rate, I'm going to do a lot of hiking over the later half of my life so good boot are a must, I have karrimor summits, ridge and British army issue boots, the quality is fair to good but I do not see them as...
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    Bell to honeybag tor

    Nice day out again, was a test of some new kit as much as a good hike, bit hot for tweed, but the wool socks and new satchel worked really well. First was Haytor then back via the granite railway. Hot! Still hot! Bell Tor Top of Honeybag!
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    Becky fall's and moor Devon tor's

    Not wasting this fine weather so another moor trip. Becky fall's Good drinking water A fun little story about a serpent eating travellers, and local fay giving safe passage if you place a coin in the tree..... But don't steal! or you will incur the wrath of the pixies! First stop...
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    Camo clear out

    Yep having a clear out! Very rare bit of kit likely less than 50 made, brand new I still have the bag for it trade value £100 This is a full over suit with trousers, the pocket flaps give you access to under garments and as such it has no pockets of its own had some use but in very good...
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    clear out for trades!

    Having a clear out! Two medium alice packs (left) has frame and clip connectors on haul down straps, one repair done well, and no internal pocket its an odd ball, south Korean frame in a light cloth in jungle pattern good condition, trade value £50 (right) alice pack, woodland camo totally...
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    D-type bowie

    Been on the back burner for some time, and needed finishing, its based on the old army D-type, I think wilkinson swords had a bowie in production at the time and I think the D-type came from that.
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    Hound Tor Dartmoor

    Took the trip I have been wanting to do for a long time, so was good to see ancient friends again, will be going back a lot more but I have to take account for Sammi not being able to hike all day like I can, we covered about six miles in all and Sammi fell for the place as much as I did many...
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    Bushman's friend restoration

    Found this on the net the other day and could not help myself! its over 100 years old but not too bad, never been sharpened and has one of the most complete profiles I have seen on one of these, needless to say age had taken its toll and the scales had shrunk and lifted plus the tang was poorly...