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    Encouraging wildlife.

    One side of the garden is left wild with a frog hotel in the corner, and the boarder wall is rough on that side for snails and the like.
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    What gear would you take with you thread and why.

    Dan why did you mention your mental health? seems oddly attention seeking? Its Just it seems odd to me as I very seldom speak of any problem that my life has to those around me let alone strangers, because talking in my mind resolves nothing I feel such things are my own and best dealt with by...
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    Day Out My favourite place in the UK

    Aye ain't it! the landscape kind of gets to you, some thing ancient here in are islands, I guess that's why we stay.
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    Day Out My favourite place in the UK

    Hay Tor Dartmoor for the view an climbing, but all the Moorland is good, I have hiked pretty much all of it so that must say some thing about how I feel about it. Hound Tor Dartmoor for the climbing Wales for the views and mountain hikes
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    Spaghetti ballistics

    (H)igh (T)est (O)xidizer hence the distance.
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    What did you buy today?

    50m of 10mm rope and a harness yeh I know not exciting but what you can do with it is!
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    What gear would you take with you thread and why.

    Not if you have to carry it! anyhow the main thing you don't have in the bag is knowledge and a trained body, go do some newbie stuff and let us know how you get on :D Ho and do go to the New Forest its really nice there.
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    What did you buy today?

    Balaclava??...........Ummm why? Ho hang on you live in brum :p Lol.......ok I'll get me coat.....
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    What gear would you take with you thread and why.

    ^^ Thanks woody girl :) Agree about the need for the blister plasters! its why I take the climbers tape, ho and the gaffa is good for tears in your kit if things go bad good for tears in you :eek2:
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    What gear would you take with you thread and why.

    Ok dude you are way to heavy! boots? get the best you can you will be living in these! some thing good for hiking even mountain style as you will be grinding up an down slopes a lot! (use with trainer socks and a wool outer sock you get less blisters) 45l pack with 2l bladder camp gear roll...
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    An 'I don't believe it' moment....

    Guy today calling at my house saying faster broad band was on offer in the village, I told him that at home I do not have it as I have a life, not that those with that connection don't have a life, its just he woke me after a long shift so not the best mood to be had from me! I told him I liked...
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    Down or Synthetic

    Down for me, I have had both and also use down jackets, warmth to weight is very good in both case's.
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    Lacking outdoor skills

    People with low survival skills worrying about going extinct...….ummmm kind of fits.
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    Probably not bushcraft!

    Use it! if you pee through yer bum for a week you know it was not a great idea, simple!
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    Got a hankering

    Spyderco ukpk drop point or QM Barney Mcgrew
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    Just a pair of recent knives.

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    What did you buy today?

    Swiss army mountain pack, was at pen y fan other day and was thinking about old school packs come Wednesday I found one!
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    Mountaineer smock

    That's a nice smock!
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    Wet weather gear - kit talk

    If you want a total fortress of weather proofing try some thing in bri -nylon, make sure its a size up and you have a chain knit jumper in use ho and best on colder days! needless to say it dose not breath but can be made comfortable :D
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    Mountaineer smock

    Thanks gents! Its been very good over the last few days of use, have to see how it fair's in sustained rain.