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    seems like a good deal !! What do ya reckon ??? :)
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    boiling water without a metal container ???

    So how did our ancestors go about heating up water with out the use of metal pans ??:confused:
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    The ultimate bush crafters retreat !!

    WOW i want to build one !!goodjobgoodjob;) take a look at the slide show -what a place !!:cool:£3000-to-build#image=1
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    A couple of helpful links !!!

    That might be useful to some one !! (not sure if they have been posted before ?) The first has a voluntary donate pop up -but just press the cancel button when it pops up !!:rolleyes::cool: The second has a movable X -useful for meeting up with peeps ,that are...
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    hunting wolf with golden eagles !!

    Amazing :yikes:- I would have thought the wolves would be too much for the eagles to take on !!! seems not !!!
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    my first cedar strip so far !!!!

    So no laughing !!:nono::nono::D:D reet then am a bit of an impatient fella an tend to rush things -so wor lass says but what does she know ??:) a got the plans from e-blag :rolleyes: for a `prospector` type canoe a while back ,so while cleaning out me garage -decided i had enough chip...
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    food for a long stay !!

    i,m going on a trip to alaska for a month stay :D:D in a remote part -wild camping :campfire::D:D what food would you take in for the duration ??? ** no refridgeration **and 50lb weight limit !! looking for idea,s please ???:D:D
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    vacuum storage bags

    i,m off on me travels soon and spotted some vacuum storage bags today in poundland----wow --never used them before - but i,ve just reduced the volume of my bag by 50% if not more -well impressed they will also double up as dry bag storage for the duration of the trip :cool::cool::):)
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    cheap flights!!

    anyone recommend a place for cheap flights to alaska ??:)
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    hammock or tent ??

    what would you use /prefer for a long stay camp -say :eek:three to four weeks :D:D i,d prefer the hammock and tarp for comfort but i,m thinking a tent may offer better protection from the wind !!:confused: so what do you reckon ??
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    bush crappers !!

    so what is your prefered option ?? dig a hole an squat ?? build an A frame to sit on ?? or modify a cheap camping chair -by cutting a hole in the seat :eek: to sit on :D ?? mines the campin chair option !:rolleyes::):)
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    just seen this: Andrew Skurka :eek::)
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    worth a look

    hi i came across this forum a while back ,worth a look in if no one has posted it up before !! :)
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    kettle prop

    hi has anyone got a piccy of a kettle prop i,m looking for ?? Have done a search but can,t seem to find the one i came across originally while browsing the net !!! the one i was looking at was -two piece - metal rods and kinda worked on the same principal of them - slanty wooden -wine...