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    We have had about half a meter of snow in the last 48 hours. In some areas it is close to an abnormal situation but not quite generally so. Isolated houses might be temporary snowbound and as it is still snowing it might take several days before all roads are clear again. So far we have not...
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    Favorite and good fire wood

    I know the Finnish woods well so I have no trouble choosing fire wood. In the wild it is most often Scots pine, something else not so often. What would be your chosen species in the UK or in the Continent, a lot more species to choose from than here. At my cottage I think I burn birch mostly...
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    Shaman drum

    Drum, about 15 years old, made by a Sami. I kind of inherited it.
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    Has anyone practical experience on Ti cups pans etc. In theory it looks good, insoluble in anything a man can drink, low heat conductivity might be good might be bad, depends. Looks mostly cool. Can be anodized in several colours. Stronger than Al, lighter than steel. Somewhat pricey.
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    Pic upload not working?

    Tried copy the URL of a pic to a message (shareable link to Google Drive). The forum prog rejected it. Has something changed, it worked the last time I did it.
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    Artificial sinew?

    I know that it is used as a replacement for the real thing but I have no experience on the material. How good is it and should one use PE or PA based. As a guess PE takes sun better but not quite as abrasion resistant. So is it useful?
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    I am waging one against Japanese and Sachalin knotweeds. Actually second year, so far it looks like I might be winning but that remains to be seen,
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    Tou vou nou

    Some years ago got a mug of Greek mountain "tea", made from Sideritis sp. got slightly hooked. It has a difficult to describe taste and according to Cretans heals almost everything. So far have not noticed that but I like to drink it when getting overloaded with caffeine from green tea. Not bad...
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    Inbetween insulation

    I have a two layer DD-hammock, how well all badly do various insulations work when put between the layers? On a short search could not find anything but I am fairly certain the subject has been discussed half way to death.
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    2019 long walk

    Here is an overlay of my summer's trek, number one son was watching over my stumbling. .kml file In case someone wants to see my wanderings look in Google for "importing kml overlays to google maps"
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    Took my hammock out

    DD Frontline out for a try at 5C and some wind, 15 min was about max without any insulation (in normal outdoor cloths), put a ridgerest between the layers and took a nap. With a sleeping bag I think no problems for the night. Next have to try the egg crate version, that might have more 3D...
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    How high should a hammock be?

    For anything slithering and crawling to pass safely underneath. I guess this question is for the warmer climates, nothing bothersome in these latitudes. To avoid any of the larger predators I guess one would have to be impractically high.
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    Bat detectors

    Does anyone have experience on these? I probably could build one but I am lazy and I don't have ready access any more to some of the helpful instruments I used to. Thinking about a self sufficient one or one that could be connected to a phone or tablet.
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    Attaching files

    Is it possible to attach files? In this case a .kml file that is a map overlay showing a walked track. Or possible only by URL?
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    Tarp length for hammock

    I have a DD hammock and have so far not used it for over night sleeping outdoors. What is the minimum length of a tarp that covers the hammock adequately? I have an idea of using 1.5*3m. So far i have used it for birdwatching, for birds one kind of disappears when in one, great.