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  1. Welshwizard

    pair childrens ski,s and poles

    Will fit child up to about shoe size 8 from memory , perhaps more, welcome to try them old but no problems ,all intact ,w.h.y. got ,swap for good .air rifle he 77k cash either way ?
  2. Welshwizard

    How do you carry necknife

    Bought a small neck knife and just wondering do I buy a neck chain (breakaway type) or leather thong or make up a paracord type , if so how elaborate do I go , any advice much appreciated .
  3. Welshwizard

    Anyone Made a moderator for shotgun

    Been looking at making a moderator for shotgun and wondered anyone made one and how much difference it made , there are quite a few available new from .410 to 20 gauge fully moderated or partly, but as I already have these calibre guns thought it was pointless if I could do one that would work...
  4. Welshwizard

    Selling items on the forum

    I tried to post an ad for some items I want to sell but there is no link on the classifieds , I am not a full member but is that the only way we can put items for sale on the forum ?
  5. Welshwizard

    Any Bushcrafters Abergavenny /Brymawr/ Pontypool area ?

    Just wondering any olduns in my neck of the woods into Archery,shooting , or just walking the dog ?
  6. Welshwizard

    scew top sealable food/gear containers

    I have a quantity of ex food containers with lids (about six -8) I have used them for storage of gear as they are heavy enough to be vermin proof they could also be used for food , I used them for in canadian canoe , will swap for knife ,axe w.h.y. but they are too bulky to post so will need to...
  7. Welshwizard

    Clas ohlson online shop

    Had an email this week to promote Clas ohlsonsons new online shop and offering 20% off plus free delivery , great I thought as their nearest store to me is an hours drive away then i got to find and pay for parking , hen you go to order online none of the sharp tools are available to purchase...
  8. Welshwizard

    Fly,s at home

    With the warmer weather I,m already seeing fly,s in the house and was wondering if anyone had found a good method of killing them which is also good enviouromentaly i.e. non poison insectacide , I,ve tried the tradational fly papers which are effective but don,t look good ,electronic which only...
  9. Welshwizard

    Archery shows locations

    Was,nt sure of the correct section for this but I,m looking for a list of locations/venues for upcoming shows that have Archery kit for sale where you can have a day out for the family and try it out , ranges ,sales , and possibly bushcraft kit too would be a bonus,as I also shoot and hunt...
  10. Welshwizard

    anyone got these Bivvi Bags ?

    Just wondered what these are like ? great price and they must be pretty well made being for military use but I would like to know what Impressions are ?
  11. Welshwizard

    Best Bushcraft show

    Are there many Bushcraft/outdoor gear shows ,If so where and when and which is the best , I,ve never heard of any but have seen a few outdoor shows advertised but have only gone to the camping orientated ones .
  12. Welshwizard

    Free Apples

    If anyone lives close enough to me - Clydach Gorge nr. Abergavenny they are wellcome to some cooking apple windfalls foc just let me know on here giving plenty of notice (in case Im not home) to arrange collection .:lmao:
  13. Welshwizard

    Drying your equipment

    Something I,ve allways had a problem with in our climate (UK) - how do you dry your equipment before stashing away until your next outing ,particuarly tent,basha,bivvi etc which are proofed and therefore cannot go in the dryer and weather carries on being inpossibly wet or just too damp to get...
  14. Welshwizard

    what Rucksack

    which brand of rucksack for comfort and weather beating and how do you decide size ,i,m looking for a w/e carry all at the moment but hoping to do some longer walks next year , i,m no youngster and suffer with arthritus in knees and hands ,used to do a lot of day walking around my home ground -...
  15. Welshwizard


    I was away for most of the last week ,came home Tues. more to the point whilst walking the dogs through a forest down south came across some tracks I,ve never seen before , photographed them but with a DSLR camera and too much mb to upload on here ,not being up on the tech. parts of the forums...
  16. Welshwizard

    Herbal medicines for dogs ?

    One of my older dogs (18yr old terrier) has bad teeth and the infection has caused her kidney problems , took her to the vet regarding the teeth (not first time either) and they won,t give her anything for it due to how bad her teeth are and her age meaning it not reccomended to have general...
  17. Welshwizard

    Car Stickers

    Just wondered is there a car sticker or badge that members can purchase and let other members know a similar interest , I,ve met several people on campsites that are interested in shooting,fishing and foraging and chatted for while normally brought about by Interest in one of our dogs .
  18. Welshwizard

    Finding my way .

    Still trying to get my bearings here so forgive me if its obvious - to everyone except me . Is there a section for hunting , shooting and catching wild game on here and does the Classified section include firearms ,rifles etc. for sale or am I compltely off track ? I,m thinking perhaps I don,t...
  19. Welshwizard

    Hello All

    Just joined this site , not sure how much detail to give but a bit about me , I live close to Abergavenny s.Wales , I love the outdoor life -shooting ,walking ,photography,camping and i,ve done a bit of canoeing (canadian) I also love machines -Steam engines ,motorcycles and classic cars . I...