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  1. Man of Tanith

    For Sale Helikon Tex Mathilda

    for consideration helikon tex mathilda pack got this in part trade last year and other than 1 trip instructing and a day jaunt to the permission it has languished in the kit stores unused nothing wrong with it just not reached for. so i figure someone else can become its custodian I'm looking...
  2. Man of Tanith

    Buckskin Belt Pouch

    Worked and smoked the hide, cut the thread to sew it from scraps of buckskin from other projects. fox teeth for toggles thanks for looking
  3. Man of Tanith

    My bag has a face

    Latest finished project. Coyote face as lid flap sewn with buckthin thonging. strap is 4 ply braided leather. the intention was a multi carry option canteen carrier and i think it was a success
  4. Man of Tanith

    Sold Ben Orford Nomad

    For your considerstuon this lovely Ben Orford Nomad. a great knife but not being used. Looking for £120 all in to your door. Can't find the kydex neck sheath at present if found i will include in parcel or forward on afterwards. treat yourself, treat the wife, treat somebody elses wife....
  5. Man of Tanith

    Surviving the Stoneage Channel 4

    Just a heads up of a TV show starting this saturday (7th November) on channel 4 Surviving the Stoneage it has a the following primitive living skill practioners :- Matt Graham Lynx Vilden Manse Ahmed Theresa Kamper Nicole Apelion Dan Walmsley, Naomi Walmsley, Casparo Brown, some names I am...
  6. Man of Tanith

    Compass Pouch

    Knocked this up for a mate's 40th. First time I have taken on a request for something rather tham making a gift and just sending it. Bark Tanned Fox fur for the lid Roe Deer Buckskin for the main body Muntjac Deer for the welt Sewn using Buckskin thonging (and a teeny bit of artificial sinew as...
  7. Man of Tanith

    Wanted Wool Combat trousers

    any one got a pair they'd like to sell, 36" waist, 32/33 inside leg? thanks in advance
  8. Man of Tanith

    Notebook recommendations?

    looking for some recommendations on a notebook please folks. ideally water resistant, with a cover i can fit some pens into, in an ideal world one i can divide into sections regarding each topic Not fussed about covers what ya suggest?
  9. Man of Tanith

    But its not a Gransfors......

    A few years back I sold my GB Small forest axe, it wasn't getting any use and I needed the money. Fast forward to last week and when I was at my permission I noticed a beautiful Ash had come down in the winds- no surprise I have had it on my radar as a dont sleep near that for about 6 years...
  10. Man of Tanith

    Had to Share

    Look at the awesome colour i got on these hides i smoked today the one on its lonesome is all finished others need another bath in solution,wringing, softening and smoking again before going on "to be made into clothing" pile for winter project
  11. Man of Tanith

    Day Out Stole an hour

    I managed to steal an hour yesterday and nip up to the permission. decided i would video it this time rather than take photos thanks for taking the time to watch please feel free to give me more pointers on filming i am very much an amatuer
  12. Man of Tanith

    Simple Slip Pocket

    Knocked this up from buckskin, artifical sinew and some beaver. This was a warm up piece before i start making something a bit more serious fits a Ben Orford Nomad nicely thanks for looking
  13. Man of Tanith

    Knife sheath

    Full discliamer i did not make the knife. I got it via an Instagram connection The Sheath well i made all that including the materials Neck from a Buckskin (nice and thick) Fur on bark tanned fox for trimming, and a lil squirrel paw also bark tanned.
  14. Man of Tanith

    Antler Harpoon Head

    Been messing around with antler recently. Worked this harpoon head using flint and an abrasive piece of stone. Hole for cordage was made using the flint tipped hand drill(also worked by me) cordage is willow bark 2 ply reverse wrap (zippo for scale not the end shaft for harpoon head just a...
  15. Man of Tanith

    Found whilst on a wander

    I keep spotting these Deer Statues/Idols in a few of the woods round my way, whilst i have no idea who leaves them or why they are left I always enjoy spotting them. These two seemed to be in a good location to stop for a coffee and a read and a bit of work on an ongoing project too
  16. Man of Tanith

    Mr fox returns to the woods

    reincarneated as a quiver. bark tanned from a roadkill fox lot of firsts in this pic first roadkill repurposed first bark tan first fur on hide first sewing of fur on. think it came out ok thanks for looking
  17. Man of Tanith

    Is there anything more terrifying

    Than making the first cut in the first ever bark tanned fur on hide you have made?
  18. Man of Tanith

    Side perks

    When the wife says your hands are so soft what have you been using? and you reply lecithinin and buckskin
  19. Man of Tanith

    The relentless march of time

    had a necessary beard neaten up today spent 5 mins scubbing the white shaving soap still in beard realised nope thats white hair damm
  20. Man of Tanith


    Another quick and dirty theory tester here. Metapodial Bones from a fallow deer Jute cordage and a Bola is born