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  1. Elen Sentier

    just to say I'm still alice !!!

    Just had a cople of very nice messages from old friends here asking if all is well with me so I thought I just pop a post up here to reassure anyone who's wondering :). I go out with friends about once a month-ish to lovely wild-camping permissions in glorious country so I'm still "at it"...
  2. Elen Sentier

    A few days on Dartmoor

    Just spent the bank holiday on Dartmoor with some friends. Good weather, good company, good food and lots of laughs :) Hopefully the pictures link will speak for itself.
  3. Elen Sentier

    Ramshaw Rocks, Staffs

    Does anyone know anywhere I might sling my hammock and have a fire hereabouts?
  4. Elen Sentier

    Ammo - your message box is full !!!

    Ammo, trying to message you but your box is full :D
  5. Elen Sentier

    Wildlife Trusts - Hereford Nature Trust: Winter Tree ID Day

    I'm a member of Herefordshire Nature Trust, is anyone else a member of theirs? I went out with them today on a winter tree and twig ID and had a very enjoyable and educational day - and all for free. The man leading it, chap called Martin Hales, is extremely knowledgable and very good fun as...
  6. Elen Sentier

    Rehab for Raptors - a lovely piece

    This came from another FB friend, it's a lovely story and I completely agree with him about how I feel in these situations. Never mind the punctured artery, the critter is feeling better :):):):cool: I also agree with him about sweeping away the people ...
  7. Elen Sentier

    Barn Owl Hunting

    An FB friend just shared this slideshow of a barn owl hunting - fabulous shots :cool:
  8. Elen Sentier

    Losing Tribes ...

    An actor friend sent me this ...
  9. Elen Sentier

    Butterflies sighted already ...

    This is from Butterfly Conservation ... very unusual I think ... "Richard Fox, Surveys Manager: The 2014 butterfly year is off and running. Red Admirals (Vanessa atalanta), Small Tortoiseshells (Aglais urticae), Brimstone (Gonepteryx rhamni) and a Peacock (A. io) have all been reported...
  10. Elen Sentier

    Stoat ... :):):)
  11. Elen Sentier

    120 degree cake anyone ???

    120 degrees cake by Elen Sentier, on Flickr A friend sent me this ...
  12. Elen Sentier

    Foxes Mating from Simon King

    Excellent footage and explanation from Simon King ...
  13. Elen Sentier

    Sting !!!

    Anyone else like Sting? Am watching him now - not sure what programme I'm on. I think it's his latest album with friends, including Kathryn Tickell. Excellent stuff - he just gets better as he gets older :cool::cool::cool: It's on BBC1 here Must be on...
  14. Elen Sentier

    Elan Valley

    Just back from 3 days out in the Elan Valley. We stayed at thecottage at Gigrin Farm (Red Kite place) rather than camping and then went out each day. The first day we went up to the Claerwen reservoir. It's wonderfully wild and the path by the side of the lake seems to draw me on. We went some...
  15. Elen Sentier

    Kestrel & Owl fight over vole Amazing story !!!
  16. Elen Sentier

    Harvestman - prezzies

    Harvestman gave me some lovely prezzies today ... 2 lovely egg cups, one hawthorn (the one with the wide base) and the other some unknown wood with beautiful spirals. HM said the unknown wood was the devil to turn but it's come up beautifully and has wonderful spirals. I've tried to show...
  17. Elen Sentier

    Amazing "Selfie" video by Sea-Eagle !!!

    A friend sent me this ... aparently they found the camera about 60 miles away from where the sea eagle nicked it from !!!
  18. Elen Sentier


    Just watching the Hamster doing NASCAR (while doing my email :rolleyes:). It looks soooooo much fun! You can get close, actually get to go round the circuit near flat out and in the pack, chat to the drivers. It's rough, they have fights to settle disputes instead of stewards inquiries ...
  19. Elen Sentier

    Ice Drummers

    Something for you Snow Addicts to do in your spare moments when ice-camping :D It's ultra :cool: Ice Drumming
  20. Elen Sentier

    Good News Day

    Just felt like sharing ... What a "good news" day today has been for wildlife ... the badger cull extension has been halted, thank you to my favourite Rock Scientist (Brian May :)) and all the rest of us. And Trees for Life won the £50,000 also thanks to all of us who voted for them :) WOO...