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  1. Elen Sentier

    Hi Shewie, sorry about The One :-). I'm just back from Sutherland, nearly go blown away away at...

    Hi Shewie, sorry about The One :-). I'm just back from Sutherland, nearly go blown away away at Sandwood Bay a couple of weeks back! How's you?
  2. Elen Sentier

    just to say I'm still alice !!!

    Just had a cople of very nice messages from old friends here asking if all is well with me so I thought I just pop a post up here to reassure anyone who's wondering :). I go out with friends about once a month-ish to lovely wild-camping permissions in glorious country so I'm still "at it"...
  3. Elen Sentier

    West Wales meet

    Come September John😊 Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  4. Elen Sentier

    Wildcat Island!

    Much appreciated ... been in love with Wildcat Island most of my life :) and the duckling shot is superb.
  5. Elen Sentier

    Rarest flying thing seen today I'll wager!

    Beautiful beast ...
  6. Elen Sentier

    A few days on Dartmoor

    It was yummy, so was the lamb roast the next day and the steak-n-ale pie the day before, and the roasties and the good veg :cool:. Whole few days was very good, lots of peace and fun and chilling and learning things ...
  7. Elen Sentier

    Iceland 2014 - A Roadtrip.

    Oh Gary, your pix always require a cup of seriously good Yemeni Matari coffee to enjoy properly :). Absolutely stunning stuff that really makes me want to go there. The horses look lovely, and the "hobbit" houses :). Litter is really bad ... why ... dhhh ... I shouldn't ask these stupid...
  8. Elen Sentier

    A long overdue escape and a much needed restorative tonic.

    Nice ... and gorgeous dog :cool:
  9. Elen Sentier

    A few days on Dartmoor

    Just spent the bank holiday on Dartmoor with some friends. Good weather, good company, good food and lots of laughs :) Hopefully the pictures link will speak for itself.
  10. Elen Sentier

    Happy birthday biker.

    Happy Birthday :cool:
  11. Elen Sentier

    Ramshaw Rocks, Staffs

    Does anyone know anywhere I might sling my hammock and have a fire hereabouts?
  12. Elen Sentier

    G4 backpack build

    Very smart indeed, Pete, well done :cool:. Can you advise? I have a G4 (from Gossamer), how do I/can I undo the straps and get the horrid plastci out and make them so I stuff them with socks? My Murmur is set up for socks and they're so comfy - hate the damned plastic!
  13. Elen Sentier

    Wild woodgas stove/Zebra sizes.

    Ta muchley, guys, will go looking.
  14. Elen Sentier

    Wild woodgas stove/Zebra sizes.

    I wish there was one where I could have the stove inside and the dish as well ... any ideas?
  15. Elen Sentier

    Ammo - your message box is full !!!

    Ammo, trying to message you but your box is full :D
  16. Elen Sentier

    Exmoor trip

    If you hide up at a different spot each night and push off early in the morning you should be OK but tarp would be even better than tent. The notices say something about no permanent structure, a tarp and a bivi that moved on in the morning would be OK, I think. There's superb walking up Horner...
  17. Elen Sentier


    Sounds wonderful, I do hope it comes off. Was looking for the link on your site but couldn't find ... which section should i go to?
  18. Elen Sentier

    Wolves & Yellowstone

    I so agree about wolves in Britain.
  19. Elen Sentier

    Wolves & Yellowstone

    It's a good little video, isn't it? Have you seen "Living with Wolves" by Jim and Jamie Dutcher? I think they were part of what began the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone.