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    Wanted a coleman northstar or will consider a Powerhouse, swap for knives, cash or handmade leather goods of good quality, or even a bit of steelwork. Let me know what you want. All the best Barney
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    Plastic Zips

    Whats the best way to rejuvenate heavy duty plastic zips and give them a bit of smoothness ?
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    Is my guilt justified?

    Some reassurance is needed here just now. A friend of my son has just come over and asked me to fix a puncture on his bicycle, I told him to take it home and ask his dad to do it. The problem is that I knew his dad would not repair it. Dont get me wrong he's a hardworking guy who keeps a roof...
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    Carnivorous Wasp

    I am just getting the barbi' on for a couple of steaks and cant believe what I just witnessed. A wasp came along and started to gnaw off a piece of my steak, it proceeded to remove a piece about 5mm Square and flew off with it :eek:. whats that all about? I admit its a bit awkward to make...
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    Mountain Bike for sale

    Good spec bike, 2008 model hardly used less than 40 mile on clock. More or less as new. £1100 This bike was £1900 new Spec as below 7" travel, size large. olive drab with trees on it :) A review...
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    Red Berries ID Please

    I came across these red berries this evening, Can anyone help to ID them, Will they be my supper?
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    Waterproof Stuff Sack

    Help please, I have a Down sleeping bag which comes with a waterproof stuff sack, no big deal you may think. The thing about this one is that it has a one way valve at the bottom. This can be opened and then most if not all of the air from within the bag can be expelled and then the valve...
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    I found these tonight, I thought that they were Cherries. Imagine my delight when I found they were mini Plums.:D
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    Plant ID Please

    the first one was a pretty flower and I just wondered what it was. The second looked to me to have potential as food, kinda plantain like. Both are situated "coastal" and found on sand dune.
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    Found a Tomahawk in the shed

    Anyone know anything about this tomahawk manufacturer? The marks state "Chillington" and "ar ax" just below. Any tips on trying to make a handle for this? It looks like it could be a hidden tang type handle but I don't have a drill bit that long and it would be a bit of a wonky hole I...
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    Rusty Ring

    What methods do other MSR TITAN pot users use to prevent the rusty ring appearing from the gas canister, If you store inside the pot of course.:)
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    Wild Sheep and Goat

    Can you legally catch and eat wild sheep or goat?
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    Food from the moors?

    What food stuff is it possible to forage on the high moors and hills. So far I have only been able to find Blueberries and Gorse flowers.
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    Veggie Beef Jerky?

    I was in chinatown this afternoon, saw some great dried foods for backpacking/camping and I was filling my boots when I noticed this product which looked familiar through the packet window. Its called "Beef taste delicious dried beancurd curd " If any of you Veggies out there have ever...
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    Best Bushcraft Hat Yet?

    I saw this earlier tonight and just had to have it. I thought that some of you might like also. A realtree pattern baseball cap with a twist, well actually a button. The button is on the underside of the peak. It controls a row of five led lights buried in the peak of the cap :lmao:. The...
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    Scandi Grind

    I am getting sick of the scandi grind, I am finding that the edge is too weak.
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    Knife Composition

    What is the primary consideration when you consider the purchase of a knife? WHY?
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    I made this on Saturday. A recycled gas bottle and an old truck exhaust system.:D
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    Lithium Batteries

    Hi, Anyone know if there is a rechargeable version of an AA battery in Lithium?
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    Free Herbs

    I am pruning a Bay tree as its getting very large, There should be a good few bits come off far more than I could reasonably use. If anyone would like any fresh bay leaves posting to them then drop me a note.