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  1. cotswoldcraig

    knife handle/scales from mountain ash

    hi guys I am looking at making a handle for an older woodlore clone and passing it on to my son I would like to use Mountain ash (Rowan) wood for knife handle/scales but am having trouble finding any that's stablized. Any help would be great
  2. cotswoldcraig

    a good head torch

    I am sure this has been covered many times but I am looking for a half decent head torch as the old one I have been using has died (nearly 8 years old 3xAA). Looking for one to replace it any suggestions? Cheers
  3. cotswoldcraig

    a big hello from the cotswolds newbee

    Evening All My name is Craig and I live in Oxfordshire and it a beautiful place to be, with plenty of rural areas to enjoy. I have been a country boy all my life growing up with a farm in the family and enjoying cubs , scouts and cadets now I have grown up a bit and have kids of my own(...