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    Santa cruz vp free

    cool bike!
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    Folders for sale

    the grips have a right fan club on bb. that will not last 10 mins there
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    Wanted a coleman northstar or will consider a Powerhouse, swap for knives, cash or handmade leather goods of good quality, or even a bit of steelwork. Let me know what you want. All the best Barney
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    Plastic Zips

    Whats the best way to rejuvenate heavy duty plastic zips and give them a bit of smoothness ?
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    Is my guilt justified?

    I think that Twosticks had it about right in his assessment of the initial situation. I was holding out some kind of hope that his return home with the punctured bike would spur his father into the repair. In the back of my mind I knew it was a forlorn hope as several years ago his twin...
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    Is my guilt justified?

    By Fixing the kids punctures have I admitted responsibility for the maintenance of them, In my view non of them were roadworthy and all were poorly maintained.
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    Is my guilt justified?

    see post 17
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    Is my guilt justified?

    Thanks for your considered replies it helped a lot but I am now faced with another dilema:lmao:. I stripped down jacks bike and there was no apparent puncture that we could find, whilst I was fixing that Sadiqe(Spelling) came over and he had a puncture as well so I stripped down his and he had...
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    Is my guilt justified?

    Some reassurance is needed here just now. A friend of my son has just come over and asked me to fix a puncture on his bicycle, I told him to take it home and ask his dad to do it. The problem is that I knew his dad would not repair it. Dont get me wrong he's a hardworking guy who keeps a roof...
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    Carnivorous Wasp

    I am just getting the barbi' on for a couple of steaks and cant believe what I just witnessed. A wasp came along and started to gnaw off a piece of my steak, it proceeded to remove a piece about 5mm Square and flew off with it :eek:. whats that all about? I admit its a bit awkward to make...
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    Kelly Kettle Mod

    That's a cool well executed solution.
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    Mountain Bike for sale

    Good spec bike, 2008 model hardly used less than 40 mile on clock. More or less as new. £1100 This bike was £1900 new Spec as below 7" travel, size large. olive drab with trees on it :) A review...
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    Off to Sweden tommorrow!

    I'm really pleased that the year appears to have turned round for you Linz, have a great holiday.:)
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    Grave Goods

    A lovely lovely thought. The contrast between the stop and the re-start is thought provoking.
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    Red Berries ID Please

    Thanks guys, I will be having a go with the Guelder rose I think when they are ripe. Hopefully I will soon be able to stop mithering as I have a new identification guide on its way which apparently will identify everything very quickly.:)
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    Red Berries ID Please

    I came across these red berries this evening, Can anyone help to ID them, Will they be my supper?
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    Help, Stung

    Anthisan is a good topical anti-histamine, I would take a tablet as well if its that bad you cant sit down.
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    Waterproof Stuff Sack

    cheers guys
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    Waterproof Stuff Sack

    Help please, I have a Down sleeping bag which comes with a waterproof stuff sack, no big deal you may think. The thing about this one is that it has a one way valve at the bottom. This can be opened and then most if not all of the air from within the bag can be expelled and then the valve...
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    DD Honey Stove

    I bought a honey stove from a group buy here on BCUK. It was available slightly under retail if I remember correctly. I think its a good buy for its versatility and flexibility. It is well manufactured and made from stainless steel so its not going to just rust away. I find it awkward to...