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  1. cotswoldcraig

    Heavy duty fire grill

    Interested if you have any left?
  2. cotswoldcraig

    knife handle/scales from mountain ash

    Thanks I will look him up
  3. cotswoldcraig

    knife handle/scales from mountain ash

    I know it's probably sounds daft but where would I send it?
  4. cotswoldcraig

    knife handle/scales from mountain ash

    hi guys I am looking at making a handle for an older woodlore clone and passing it on to my son I would like to use Mountain ash (Rowan) wood for knife handle/scales but am having trouble finding any that's stablized. Any help would be great
  5. cotswoldcraig


    I think I have some issued dpm one's in shed will look later if your interested
  6. cotswoldcraig

    Daves SASS Ventile Smock

    Oh I really want this but not quite got enough, the person that snaps this up is one luck sob
  7. cotswoldcraig

    Mixed clear out

    Pm regards snugpack inbound
  8. cotswoldcraig

    a good head torch

    I have the e lite too but as a backup in my smock pocket if I am out on my own ( without my step son) I do like the look of tikka xp. But I am leaning towards the Silva ranger at the moment
  9. cotswoldcraig

    a good head torch

    Thanks people I like the features of the gamma but think the rear battery pack with connecting wire would get on my nerves a bit it's a shame the viper doesn't have red light coz that's the kind of size I was after any more suggestions are greatly received
  10. cotswoldcraig

    a good head torch

    I am sure this has been covered many times but I am looking for a half decent head torch as the old one I have been using has died (nearly 8 years old 3xAA). Looking for one to replace it any suggestions? Cheers
  11. cotswoldcraig

    Looking for a location around Oxford

    Hi guys I too struggle finding places in the shire to happy to join you on a over nighter tho if you find a place
  12. cotswoldcraig

    MOD Survival Knife

    Just about scraped together £45 would it sell for that? Really don't want to miss this
  13. cotswoldcraig

    MOD Survival Knife

    Dam it I want this but no pennies till next Fri if it's still available I would love to have it
  14. cotswoldcraig

    Tanto bladed something? wanted

    I have one like in the photo below green para cord wrap and the sheath has a dpm paint job that would easy come off used to sit in between ammo pouches on my old chest rig. What you got to trade I am open to suggestions
  15. cotswoldcraig

    Hand forged Firesteel kit's

    Would love 2 of these how do I order?
  16. cotswoldcraig

    Bucks/Oxon anybody?

    Next time Tom no probs
  17. cotswoldcraig

    Bucks/Oxon anybody?

    Glad you enjoyed it , that puff ball we found was amazing to eat. And I am glad the roaster worked . We even survived the down pour overnight
  18. cotswoldcraig

    Hi All from the sunny wilds of Banbury in Oxfordshire.

    Hi Don I am out chippy way I will let you know when I am out and about next
  19. cotswoldcraig

    Bucks/Oxon anybody?

    Cheers for the invite Tom and Alex me and ash had a good time I didn't take pics but will see what ash has.
  20. cotswoldcraig

    Bucks/Oxon anybody?

    Is that 24th ? I am currently working a late at work 730pm finish but I can try and get it changed, where abouts roughly is the sight. Pm me if u want, keeps it stealth lol