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  1. pwb

    Wanted Skrama / Ontario Marine Bowie.

    Thought I'd see if anyone has one of either of these they'd like to part with. Sheaths not important as I’ll be making my own. Skrama as a try out as a billhook at work and the bowie for a fun project :). Cheers, Pete.
  2. pwb

    Hill People Gear kit bag.

    Looking for a HPG kit bag chest harnesss pouch rig. Hopefully there's one available out there.
  3. pwb

    Flint and Steel Pouch.

    A couple of members on BCUSA collaborated awhile back on making a Flint Pouch and the maker was kind enough to answer some questions as to how he made it after I expressed an interest in making a version of it too. I made this pouch from veg-tanned leather with an added welt the same thickness...
  4. pwb

    Nylon Pouch

    I've been trying out making stuff with a cordura type nylon I bought , this is the second pouch I've made so far with an attempt at multiple attachment options ala molle :). Having the option to add and remove pouches for firesteels ,pocket knives etc. The clipper sheath even clips on there...
  5. pwb

    Sand Martins Busy.

    Took this short vid of the manmade Sand Martin walls that are on the reserve where I work...pretty busy place at the mo. Sorry about the dodgy filming :rolleyes:
  6. pwb

    Folding Mug Handles, DIY.

    Had ago at making some folding handles for a stainless steel Morrisons kitchen container the other day. The handles and brackets are made from recycled materials, some used aluminium sheet and a bit of old mild steel fence wire. To fix the handles on I tried some copper harness rivets...
  7. pwb

    Lynx Can..dle Lantern

    I've been cutting up Lynx deodorant cans with a dremmel again :rolleyes: this time having a go at making an Uco type knock off tea light candle lantern. Finally work out a method of cutting glass bottles well enough to make a glass globe. Although , not being tempered , I'm unsure as to...
  8. pwb

    DIY Candle Lantern.

    I found these Trekkers Lanterns on a website called The Track of The Wolf and thought I'd have ago at making something similar. I used an old shaving foam canister for the main body and the handle retainer and a bit of fence wire for the handles. Like the original the handles...
  9. pwb

    DIY Folding Spork.

    The idea for this spork comes from a post over on BCUSA by the aptly named Spork :) ( Dave ) . Knew you guys here a BCUK would like it . Sporks idea is really great and not hard to make, would be a good addition to a Hobo stove set up too. I made this one from Tescos cheapo stainless...
  10. pwb

    SAK / Altoids tin Combo Pouch

    I made a couple of similar combo pouches awhile ago for DC4 sharpening stones and Swedish firesteels. Thought it might work for carrying an Altoids tin based kits like first aid kits or traditional fire lighting kits etc. The SAK pouch is sized for my favourite SAKs. Victorinox Spartan...
  11. pwb

    Canvas Nalgene Pouch.(Pic heavy)

    Gave the old sewing machine a dusting off and nursed it through making this pouch. The canvas is from an old issue kit bag, still got quite a bit left too. It's the first time I've used copper saddlers rivets, really like them. Strong , look cool and means less stitching :). The pouch can...
  12. pwb

    Copper match case/ spy capsule.

    Made this match case from an old bit of 22mm copper pipe and the end cap is made from a plastic fizzy drinks bottle , a perfect fit :). Got the inspiration for the end cap from a post on another forum where a guy made a spy capsule from two plastic Coke bottle tops super glued together, neat...
  13. pwb

    Tatonka cup lid.

    I was inspired by a You tube vid made by a BCUSA member, IA Woodsman. So went and ordered a Tatonka cup which fits the 1 Litre Nalgene bottle. Couldn't find a suitable can to use as a lid so had ago at making one out of some old aluminium . The lid...
  14. pwb

    Possibles pouch.

    I've made myself another possibles type pouch , a bit bigger than my first one. I kept with the drop carry and one hand opening and also added a single front pocket which is sized for 91mm Victorinox SAKS of the Farmer, Spartan type but will also take a Light -My - Fire Army firesteel...
  15. pwb

    Kestrel chick ?

    While out walking the dog on Friday evening a movement at the base of an old Ivy covered Ash tree caught my eye. On closer inspection this is what I found, took just the one pic today as I didn't want to disturb it too much. I'm pretty sure it's a Kestrel chick :confused: must have...
  16. pwb

    Mors You Tube Vid

    Great vids of Mors on You-Tube :D
  17. pwb

    DIY Embossing stamp.

    I know I should have gone to Kerne :D , but I had ago at making an embossing stamp this afternoon. Could be a lot neater kind of matches my handwriting i.e squint :rolleyes: , but it seems to work well enough for me to be able to put my initials on some of my gear. It's made from...
  18. pwb

    Zippo emergency fire starter.

    Just read about these on BCUSA not sure if they are available in the UK yet but they look like a good idea. Zippos quality is usually pretty good, could be an alternative to the Spark-Lite type fire starters.
  19. pwb

    Small linking pics ?

    I kind of know how to post pics :) but have seen one or two posts now where the pictures are small and when clicked link back to Photo-Bucket so they can be viewed full size. Like those in this post . I can't seem to find this option on Photo-Bucket :confused: . Any pointers would be...
  20. pwb

    The Lynx effect / stove.

    A while back I read a great post on building an alcohol stove from a deodorant can, can't for the life of me find it now though. Hopefully someone will point it out :). Anyway here's my attempt, using an old Lynx deodorant can to make a ' Whitebox ' type stove. First pull off the plastic...