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  1. Haggis

    Bulldog Brand Nesting Billy Pots

    Some weeks ago, for $10 at the thrift store, I picked up a 6-piece set of pots and lids marked only "Hong Kong". In trying to discover who made them, I discovered that they were in point of fact clones of Bulldog Brand Billy pots. Since that original find, I've acquired a couple of sets and...
  2. Haggis

    Wild Rice and Firewood, a Busy Weekend

    Saturday I again went with friends to harvest wild rice. One of us knew of a spot they had heard about from another ricer "on the St. Louis River and loaded with wild rice"; it didn't pan out. We ended up on Breeda Lake and over our heads in shore to shore rice and ricers. There was so much rice...
  3. Haggis

    Playing around with Nessmuk trios today,,,

    I took a bit of a break today from my firewood splitting chores. Three trios plus a saw. Each trio fits a different pack. For my Frost River Woodsman pack; 21" Bob's Quick Saw, a GB Small Forest Axe, a Case Moose, and a Solingen made Woodcraft clone For my Frost River Seven Bridges...
  4. Haggis

    Harvesting Wild Rice Today,,,

    I was out with some friends today, having a go at gathering wild rice. There were lots of ricers and lots of rice on Wolf Lake, somewhere between Duluth Minnesota and the Iron Range. It was a great day to be on the water and amongst friends,,, My buddies Mike and Tony,,, It doesn't look...
  5. Haggis

    2 of My Young Grandsons, BSA Mess Kits, and a Hobo Stove

    I took 2 of my younger Grandsons camping last week; later, we also were joined by several more Grand-Darlings. Here is a photo of Cameron (11) and Eldrid (8) having a go at cooking supper on a hobo stove with their BSA mess kits. Mac 'n' Cheese, tea, and Spam on the menu. They gathered their...
  6. Haggis

    Bivouacs, text in French, photos and drawings are not,,,

    From a bushcraft forum in France,,, always something interesting,,,
  7. Haggis

    Lake Superior, Gooseberry Falls, and Temperance River

    Herself and I went out for an overnighter, lots of hiking, and too much food. Any way, we saw some pretty country. I, who almost never carries a pack any further than across a portage, carried a 20# pack from Agate Bay, on Lake to Superior, up hill to the Fifth Falls of Gooseberry River, and...
  8. Haggis

    Keeping Alcohol Warm in Winter; a Great Old Print

    I'm suspicious of spirit burners in winter, more so when it is "50º below miserable". Here is a great print showing how the Swedes kept their spirits up, and their spirits warm, in winter. I'm going to try this once the bottom falls out of the thermometer again. Wood fires are nice for warming...
  9. Haggis

    A 4 Day Camping Trip with 2 Grandsons

    Early Sunday morning I drove to Daughter #4's house and picked up young Angus (age 12), then drove my son's house and picked up Colin (age 15) for a 4 day camping and canoeing trip in Minnesota's north woods. It was an enjoyable, if rainy, few days and nights. I told the boys that when camping...
  10. Haggis

    Some bear photos from Wolf Cairn Moor, my home,,,

    Last year I caught lots of photos of bears at my feeding station, (500 metres behind my home), but I'm wondering how much the largest these might have weighed? This is the big bear,, s/he is on their belly feeding here,,, This is a smaller bear,,, I've read that a bear that comes to the...
  11. Haggis

    A Nifty Hand Drill Idea,,,

    This seems fairly straight foreword,,, More photos here:
  12. Haggis

    A $1 Cook-set from Good Will

    Herself came in a day or two ago with a surprise for me. She is a frequenter of Good Will, the Dollar Store, thrift shops, and many such places I would never go, but anyway, she found this kit for $1 and bought it for me. It appears to be aluminum. The original removable handle is missing and...
  13. Haggis

    My 10 Firewood Rules and Observations:

    My 10 Firewood Rules and Observations: 1. Always carry the proper tools for gathering and preparing firewood 2. Always strive to avoid using your firewood tools 3. It is easier to burn a pole in half than it is to saw or chop a pole in half 4. It is in most cases easier to saw firewood...
  14. Haggis

    Something new,,, Frost River Mini Isle Royale

    This is interesting,,, an Isle Royale Mini,,,
  15. Haggis

    A New Sheath for My 40-Year Old Knife

    A older fellow, who lives a few miles away, does leather work and I asked him to make a new sheath for my favorite old fixed blade knife. I told him I wanted noting fancy, don't put to much work into it, make it look like the sort of sheath a knife that cost $5.50 would have, AND to put my...
  16. Haggis

    Mors Pot and Everyday Mess Kit

    The thread on finding a Mors Pot in the UK enticed me to open my knapsack before heading out today, and show my Mors pot with it's everyday mess kit. There is: a Mors pot, an IKEA twig stove, a 24 ounce Olicamp cup w/lid, a Stanley Camp Cooker, two cups, a container for my no calorie sweetener...
  17. Haggis

    This is Bushcrafty,,,

    I know some don't like videos, but this is fire building at its best,,,
  18. Haggis

    A good article on choosing an knife

    I enjoyed this, and thought others might as well. It's a good look at outdoors knife options,,,
  19. Haggis

    Frost River, a visit

    Herself and I visited Duluth yesterday, and we made a stop at Frost River. I have several of their packs, as does Herself, but I'd never taken the time to actually visit the brick and mortar store. It was certainly an exciting visit; there were a lot of packs, and all of them calling my name.
  20. Haggis

    The Axe-Helve

    I used to live not a half mile from an old man who made axe helves to supplement his meager retirement income. He was a true master. I never think of him without remembering this old poem. The Axe-Helve I've known ere now an interfering branch Of alder catch my lifted axe behind me...