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  1. Idleknight

    The not cooking

    If I'm doing a quick overnighter what I would call a microadventure, I often go without a stove. However I take a flask of hot chocolate. Drink half of it to warm me up before bed, then load the other half with coffee in the morning. Still take a mug, so if I wanted to, I could make a small...
  2. Idleknight

    Complete Newb - Advice Sought

    Welcome to the forums, I'm in Hinckley so not too far away. Will spend you a PM.
  3. Idleknight

    hey from wolverhampton

    My girls are 9 and almost 11. They love camping, getting them wild camping is a bit trickier, have won over my youngest, but still working on my eldest. Have a look at the bushcraft festivals and other gatherings. While kids love 121 parent time, they also love being with other kids.
  4. Idleknight

    hey from wolverhampton

    Welcome to the forum, while I'm a East Midlands guy, I work in West Brom and would like to find some places and people to hang out with in the West Midlands. How old is your daughter? Mine are 8 and 10 and do a bit of bushcraft stuff with me.
  5. Idleknight

    Adding midge net to bivy bag?

    I know its not attaching it to the Bivvy bag, so may be off topic/something you have already looked into. I personally use a 2 season bag with a built in midge net most of the time (snugpak jungle bag). If I want to use a warmer bag, I take a head cover and clip it to the bivvy like a couple of...
  6. Idleknight

    DIY live fire emergency fire starter

    @Janne emergency is part of the brand name of the item I am trying to copy, its also debatable how much of an emergency item it is. @Hammock_man I will experiment with some different mixtures in the tin :-) will either forget to do it, or be posting next week :-) Flares sound good, they are...
  7. Idleknight

    So much money on knives

    Expensive knives its normally the materials and labour which make the price. Also the aftercare and support is usually better as they have a brand to protect. I see knives like cars, my car will get me to work and let me get places and does what I need to do. If I did a more specialised type...
  8. Idleknight

    Foraging pouch

    Decathalon do one, its goes on the belt and expands into a drop pouch if you unclip it. Quite a reasonable price and they also do maxpedition fatty style pouches. Have tried but unable to find a link on the website.
  9. Idleknight

    Home made wax fire starters

    Hello, So I started a thread on making a specific type of fire starter and people have suggested other types. Now the reason for the original thread was I was looking into a specific type to experiment as I had done a number of the more traditional home made fire starters. So I thought I...
  10. Idleknight

    DIY live fire emergency fire starter

    First attempts The left one was just layered cottons with beeswax on. Looks OK, but did not take a spark, not enough fluff. The right one was the 2nd attempt, I decided to soak the cotton in a bit of ethanol, the idea being is either the ethanol would take a spark, or it would stop the...
  11. Idleknight

    Good ideas for stuff to make with children :)

    Fire lighters made from dipping various things in wax, my kids love making them and we time how long they can last. As well as recycled candle wax we have also been experimenting with beeswax. The lip balm we made from beeswax and coconut oil, is also pretty handy on wood. I agree with putting...
  12. Idleknight

    DIY live fire emergency fire starter

    Oh don't worry I agree the shop bought product is not worth a tenner. :-) I want to see if I can make it myself for much less and see how it matches up to the other methods I use. I've seen the original product sold and even added to knife sheaths (TBS), so assume there must be some advantage...
  13. Idleknight

    DIY live fire emergency fire starter

    There are many different ways to make fire lighters, I've done the poundshop run a while back. Also used up the recycled wax I had the other weekend. The idea of this thread is to recreate a product on the market at home. But you are right it will turn out more expensive than a lot of the fire...
  14. Idleknight

    DIY live fire emergency fire starter

    Yeah, its a good product from what I can see, but a tenner a tin is a bit much. I think the fluff is the main aspect as it needs to be able to take a spark after being scraped up.
  15. Idleknight

    Dirty rotten survival

    Was funny, I think Dicky and Dave were a great combo
  16. Idleknight

    DIY live fire emergency fire starter

    Hello, I quite like the look of the live fire tins and fancy making my own version. Link for reference for anyone who hasn't seen the live fire tins So it looks like a sliding tin which is...
  17. Idleknight

    TBS Grizzly MkII.....should i buy one?

    I would suggest visiting the store or a show and to hold one. I tried it, but ended up getting a wolverine as I preferred how it was in my hand
  18. Idleknight

    Wild camping tent and wild camping

    Someone earlier on mentioned a chap who lives in a hammock full time. I watch him on youtube However he does have a car (Subaru) which he keeps most of his kit in. Its good viewing and interesting to see how he makes it work.
  19. Idleknight

    Stanley cook set query

    I've used metal wire and even a wire saw. I've seen a video how you can adjust the handle (by removing some metal) so the handle hangs at a different angle which allows it to be suspended.
  20. Idleknight

    Alpkit big shakeout

    Barely unpacked from the last event, this gone weekend I did the alpkit big shakeout. I assume most people on here know who Alpkit are as they do adverts on this site. They also do an event in partnership with Thornbridge outdoors in the peak district. I had heard about the event a couple...