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  1. Landy_Dom

    Austin Stevens on Quest channel

    Anyone else watch this? - he's a wildlife photographer and a bit of an adventurer. Like a cross between Bear Grylls (don't start...) and David Attenborough. Quite like a South African version of Steve Irwin (RIP) actually. Quite like his stuff, although I worry he's skating on the edge of...
  2. Landy_Dom

    carved hawthorn catapault for swap

    As above - hand made by me from a lovely forked piece of hawthorn. I've tried to carve the handle into quite an ergonomic shape too. Includes a leather patch but the elastic tube has snapped so needs replacing. It's on the big side compared to a lot of catapaults I've seen. After anything...
  3. Landy_Dom

    Survival skills badge - realism vs safety

    I've run 2 survival skills camps now, and have been struck by what a constant compromise they entail. Some of the badge content is excellent - building natural shelter, cooking without utensils etc., but on the other hand, the nearest I have ever come to a real life survival situation has been...
  4. Landy_Dom

    anyone got a 7" KA-BAR or similar for trade?

    as above... I've a hankering for a KA-BAR or similar marine / aircrew knife. There's been some talk on here that's got me thinking, and I used to have a 5" ontario pilot knife all through my time as a scout, but stupidly gave it away - regret it now :(
  5. Landy_Dom

    Not terribly bushcrafty but certainly outdoor adventuring :)

    Completed the last camp for Scouts Wales silver dragon award on Thursday night. Elected to take on the "above 600m" challenge and so camped at Marchlyn Mawr reservoir in Snowdonia. So this was my site at 640m above sea level: And some pics from the walk down (the walk up was at dusk so...
  6. Landy_Dom

    need a leatherworker to make a custom sheath for me

    I need a sheath for a small (3") fixed blade A. Wright knife. It's for my 11 year old daughter for christmas (belated) so needs to be quality. I'd like a dangler right hand sheath with loop for army size firesteel. Can any makers PM me with pics of their work and approximate costs (if any of...
  7. Landy_Dom

    Your real life survival situation?

    Hi All I write this with Scouts in mind. I'm sure many of us have read through the SAS survival handbook and similar tomes... And many of us will have at one time thought about worst case "survival situations" involving plane crashes, desert islands, lost in the Canadian North woods etc...
  8. Landy_Dom

    Wetterlings felling axe in mint condition for swaps

    As above - only used a couple of times. I've majorly linseed oiled the American Hickory shaft (it was very dry as supplied new) and given it a fine sharpen so it will take hairs off. Head is about 3lb and hand forged Swedish steel. Any offers? Dom.
  9. Landy_Dom

    preparation of bracket fungus for spark tinder

    Hi All Tried taking blushing bracket and preparing it for spark tinder. Forgot to read up on it before diving in and oven drying it - then read Mr Mears and found I'm supposed to simmer it for hours then beat it up with a wooden mallet. So I've been boiling it up with a little baking soda...
  10. Landy_Dom

    SAK, mini lantern, meths/esbit stove, hobo drainer

    Swiss army knife with belt pouch, old and well used but in excellent condition. Only swapping because no longer needed - I have a new Charge TTi :D NOW GONE mini lantern, aluminium casing, takes 3 x AAA batteries. Excellent condition. NOW GONE 3 Leg stove to take Trangia (or...
  11. Landy_Dom

    rabbit shooting - questions from a beginner

    Hi I tried my first rabbit shoot at the weekend, having got a permission to shoot on some local land. I didn't have much luck and would appreciate any pointers from the more experienced of you out there? I had most success on grassy rides through woodland - I would walk slowly up the...
  12. Landy_Dom

    Mk2 BSA Airsporter for swaps

    all original and in good order apart from fitment of an additional scope rail spoiling originality for the purists. trade value in the region of £60? offers? Dom.
  13. Landy_Dom

    I've got a new avatar :)

    Hi folks I found a lovely little image today - it's the logo for the scout association of Slovenia. It touched me as so simple and yet saying everything that I love about scouting and bushcraft. So I've set it as my avatar. I've no connection to Slovenia or Slovenian scouting, I just love...
  14. Landy_Dom

    Flintshire / Chester

    Hi Are there any of you guys and girls in the Flintshire / Chester area that fancy forming a loose collective for meetups / socials etc? We have myself and 2 others whom I know about already, but it would be nice to have half a dozen or so...? Cheers! Dom.
  15. Landy_Dom

    Various stuff for swaps...

    Hello :) The following probably up for swaps - more attached to some of it than others but for the right swaps.... 3/4 length thermarest - old but genuine and in full working order. Been repaired once. GONE to gsfgaz Cold Steel Trail Tommahawk, stripped to its component parts, all...
  16. Landy_Dom

    Snowy Bivvy in the woods

    So A few of us are doing the Scouts Wales Dragon Award, and the first "challenge" we want to knock off the list is to camp "below 1 degree centigrade". So we reckon this saturday is about our best shot at a low temperature night and we plan a bivvy accordingly. unloading the Landy...
  17. Landy_Dom

    Dragon Award - any Welsh scouters out there?

    Hi all! For the uninitiated, the dragon award is a 3 stage award for scouts and leaders in Wales. Bronze - spend one night under canvas or in bivouac in each month of the year (at least one in Jan, one in Feb, etc.) Silver - as for bronze but taken as 12 challenges from a list of 30...
  18. Landy_Dom

    Trangia 25 copy and small axe for swaps

    Copy of a trangia 25 (the 3-4 person one) - good quality chunky aluminium apart from the pan handle which i had to replace with a cheapie. NOW SWAPPED. Also 2 1/2 lb kent pattern hatchet i'm open to offers.....?????? Dom.
  19. Landy_Dom

    might be after a Fallkniven WM1

    i have an F1 with leather drop dangler sheath for trade - p/x either way depending on condition etc... anyone want to go bigger, as I'm tempted to go smaller... Dom.
  20. Landy_Dom

    dutch crusader style cup - cheap no connection - but looks like a good deal?