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  1. nobby8126

    Overnighter in French F1 (pre restrictions)

    Had to get out before we entered another period of staring at walls. So with the weather looking dodgy I packed up my lk35 and my French f1 and went looking for a spot someone had told me about. As usual I managed to turn a simple jaunt into a cluster frick but still had a blast.
  2. nobby8126

    Overnighter in the Lavvu

    Took the pooch and the lavvu and took to the woods for a chilled night around the fire. My dog is a nervous soul so I'll have to persevere to get her comfortable. Bangers on the embers and a couple of sherberts to wet the whistle.
  3. nobby8126

    Making Mead

    The quickest and simplest way I've found to make mead that has great results. It can be tailored to taste
  4. nobby8126

    Hobo camp

    Been craving a back to basics camp so bindle over my shoulder and wool blankets for a bedroll I headed to the woods for the night. Half lavvu was my shelter choice and even smuggled some home made mead for company.
  5. nobby8126

    Testing DIY hammock and underquilt

    Had a quick overnighter to test out my new UQ design, Hammock and bugnet combo. The mosquitos were out in force and the net worked superbly as did the rest of the kit. I will now refine my design and use lighter/warmer and more durable materials and hopefully add a sewn on bugnet although the...
  6. nobby8126

    DIY Hammock

    Test of my prototype. Nothing special but a real simple DIY project. If there is any interest I'll do a full instructional video once I've learned how to sew.
  7. nobby8126

    Coast to Coast for combat stress Final part

    Last installment. A big thank you to everyone that donated I have smashed the target I set and have been humbled by the generosity of folks. A member on here who shall remain nameless as he donated anonymously dug really deep so thanks again (you know who you are)
  8. nobby8126

    Coast to coast for combat stress pt2

    Here is the next installment of a fat lad wheezing through Britain
  9. nobby8126

    A Challenge Coast to Coast for "Combat Stress"

    Share far and wide, The fat lad is gonna sweat for this one. I'll be starting on the 24/5/19 and aiming to finish in 10-11 days. Please bare in mind there is a very good chance I'm going to do myself in. The trip will be documented so you will be able to laugh at my discomfort when I return...
  10. nobby8126

    Isle of Wight coastal path (coast to coast training)

    As happens to many of us when we get to a certain age I'm finding it almost impossible to shed the excess timber my life of debauchery has left me with. So what better way to do it than to book in the coast to coast over 11 days (pre warning I will be posting a just giving page for "Combat...
  11. nobby8126

    YouTube Milestone

    I have Just reached 1000 subs and wanted to say thanks to anyone out there who has supported this fat lad and his babblings.
  12. nobby8126

    Outdoor chat

    Wild Ginger Bruce and I are having a live stream tonight, feel free to come by and share your wisdom or ask any questions you may have. Failing that just stop by to call a pair of ginger buggers. Bruce is an outdoor instructor in both bushcraft and hills. Our guest is a tree surgeon and owner...
  13. nobby8126

    Olight S1R Baton II Review

    Olight got in touch and asked me to review their best seller, I have a feeling they have never watched my vids before. Of course I said yes to testing a bit of kit that I would never buy due to it's £54 price tag. Has some great features and some failings.
  14. nobby8126

    Rabbit pasties

    Follow up from yesterday's video showing an easy recipe for the rabbits that were harvested.
  15. nobby8126

    Ferreting for the pot

    Took my 2 youngest out for a couple of hours to get some wild food for the pot. Here is part 1 of 2 from my field to fork vid.
  16. nobby8126

    First night on new permission

    Been given permission on a little copse so I thought I'd have an overnighter there. Hammocks on this one with plenty of meat on stick action over the fire.
  17. nobby8126

    Give away

    Just hit a milestone on Youtube so doing a draw for some free kit if anyone is interested
  18. nobby8126

    New Permission

    Just been granted permission on a small woodland in the middle of no where. Also allowed to take rabbits and pigeons with air rifle. Only taken me 6 years of " you're not from round these parts" to land it.
  19. nobby8126

    Luccombe Cave Carvings

    Not exactly bushcraft but interesting non the less. I gathered up three of my boys and went exploring for Luccombe Cave Carvings. Had to judge the tides right and had a challenging route in (for the kids) . We saw a peregrine falcon on the cliff top and although the caves had mostly been carved...
  20. nobby8126

    Bad weather camp, tarp shelter

    Have been itchin to get out for weeks and wanted to give the lavvu a run. Arrived at the woods and decided to whack up my dd 3x3 for a place to lounge. Once up I noticed the mother of all widowmakers in line with my site so I decided to shift rather than die. By the time I had repositioned the...