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  1. Chopper

    Wanted: 7" Ka-Bar for Fallkniven S1. Read on.

    What I want is a Kabar 7" leather handle preferably with the nylon sheath. Must be in very good condition. I have an Fallkniven S1 in satin in perfect condition but it needs a sheath which I have just checked Heinnies they have for £15. Anyone want to swap please drop me a line.
  2. Chopper

    Mino CENS Electronic Hearing Protection for Shooters.

    We got these a few months ago following a lot of research to find something that will actually work, and boy do they work. I have reviewed them here: Please feel free to comment.
  3. Chopper

    Badgells Wood Wild Camping. Vigo, Kent.

    Oh Wow, I said when my son copied this link to me last weekend. This is just what weve been looking for for a long time. We took a drive to this site today and by chance met the chap who runs it, nice enough guy who has spent a lot of time making this site in...
  4. Chopper

    Parry Hunter Review.

    My son went shopping for a Survival knife and came home with this: The Parry Hunter: Please feel free to comment and subscribe.
  5. Chopper

    The Parry Blade Review

    I went shopping for a survival knife and came back with this. Parry Blade: Please feel free to comment and subscribe.
  6. Chopper

    A.P.A.L.S. Modern alternative to chemical lightsticks

    If you use lightsticks then take a look at these:
  7. Chopper

    45 Days on a Kent Island

    I picked up on this video on a local history forum and thought it deserved a viewing on here. You have to take your hat off to this guy! KAlON17OQ6t7gAmZTLA
  8. Chopper

    Hawk By Nite Watches

    Being a lover of tritium watches, when I came across this it was a must buy. I hope you enjoy the review.
  9. Chopper

    Jetboil Flash and Crunchit

    It has taken a while to get round to getting a Flash, but now I have I simply love it. When I did I could not resist the Crunchit, something that makes disposing of the empty gas canisters safe. You can see my review of both here:
  10. Chopper

    Mora 3.2mm THICK! Robust

    Hi ya, I thought I was seeing things when I went shopping and just had to have one, it's a 3.2mm Mora Robust. This is one heavy duty knife. I have reviewed it here:
  11. Chopper

    The Pyromid is Back!

    About four years ago I and other members were trying to purchase a Pyromid cooker, but unfortunately the manufacturer in the USA had stopped making them. Well for those of us that wahted one the good news is that a company called EcoQue has bought the patent and put them in to production...
  12. Chopper

    Fenix TK21 Review – I’ve been out done by my son!

    Don’t you just love it when your kids grow up and buy better toys than you do. No, but this time he has come up with a real cracker, the positive side is that I can now nick his toys. A few weeks ago, I posted a review on the Fenix TK15; I thought that that was the mutt’s nuts until the postie...
  13. Chopper

    5.11 Sabre Jacket

    I bought this jacket for everyday use, but after getting caught in a downpour when canoeing I realised just how well suited this is. Please remember that the jacket is only waterproof from the outside in. Any way, I have made a short video (just bought a new camcorder and can't leave it...
  14. Chopper

    Article: Fenix TK15 Review

    You can view the page at
  15. Chopper

    5.11 Tactical and Taclite Pro Vest

    Over the past six years or so, I have worn the 5.11 Tactical Vest in 100% 241g (8.5oz) Cotton Canvas virtually every day. With 17 pockets it has been just the ticket to carry all the junk us handbag-less males seem to accumulate in our everyday lives. One great point with this vest has been the...
  16. Chopper

    Fenix TK15 Review

    What with the camping, canoeing and fair-weather bushcraft season here, I have been on the lookout a flashlight with a good power output. My collection of AA powered Fenix lights are great, but not quite what I wanted. Following a long look and plenty of reading, I decided on the TK15 powered...
  17. Chopper

    22" flat screen monitor

    WANTED. As above, VGA, in working order. Must be cheap. WHY?
  18. Chopper

    25mm Stainless clips

    Go two of these last week, great value for money. The clips are 25mm long and are made from Stainless Steel. I bought them from this company here in the UK:
  19. Chopper

    Mad Bomber Trapper Hats

    We have had these for a few weeks now and thought they are very worthy of a mention. There is not a huge amount to say other than they are very well made and extreamely warm and come with a lifetime guarantee. This one is of leather. The web site states that it is black, however I...
  20. Chopper

    Got any snow yet?

    None here in Kent, But me Landy and canoe are ready and waiting :) :canoe: Plenty of pics please.